By far, one of the greatest inventions of all time was the Pizza. No matter what toppings you prefer or whether or not you fold it, we can all agree that there is nothing better than a good slice of pizza. The best part about pizza is that as good as it tastes sober, it tastes 10 times better when you’re drunk. We end most drunken nights with a pie from a local pizza shop, or worse, Domino’s. It doesn’t have to be this way. You struggled to make it through the work week to get to Happy Hour and you should definitely reward yourself. This week, ditch the 5 for $5 combo and burn your paycheck on some of these pizzas considered the most expensive in the world.

5. Margo’s Pizzeria – $2400

Some people argue that Pineapple shouldn’t go on a pizza, but what about Gold? This pizzeria, located in Valetta, Malta, tops their pizza with buffalo mozzarella, white truffles, and 24 carat edible gold leaves. The crust is thin but no tomatoes are allowed as the acidity clashes too much with the truffles. Duh.

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4. Industry Kitchen’s 24k Pizza – $2000 – $2700

Created by NYC restaurant, Industry Kitchen, the 24k Pizza holds the Guinness World Record for “most expensive pizza commercially available”. Obviously, to get the world record, you can’t serve up any ordinary pizza. To start, the crust is infused with black squid ink, redefining the term “blacked out”. Then the pie is topped with White Stilton Cheese, foie gras, Osetra Caviar, truffles, and of course, gold leaves. If you really want to ball out, then add an ounce and a half of Almas Caviar for an additional $700.

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3. Domenico Crolla’s Pizza Royale 007 – $4200

Sad to say, this pizza was only offered to the public one time. It was auctioned off on Ebay in 2007 by award winning restaurateur Domenico Crolla. The goal was to raise money for the Fred Hollows Foundation which fights curable blindness in developing countries. The winning bidder was a lawyer who bought the pizza as a Valentine’s Day gift for his wife. What a lucky gal! Domenico flew from Glasgow to Rome to make the pizza, topping it with edible gold, cognac marinated lobster, venison medallions, Scottish smoked salmon, and champagne soaked caviar.

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2. Favitta’s Pizza for Lovers – $8,179

Serving up a pizza with such an expensive price tag could explain why Favitta’s Pizzeria is no longer open. In it’s prime, it offered up the second most expensive pizza on our list. Besides being in the shape of a heart, the pizza is not that special, and actually not that expensive (only $19). However, on Valentine’s Day, this pizza was served with a bottle of champagne for $160 and a diamond ring for $8,000. Proposing with pizza? I’d say yes.


1. Renato Viola’s Louis XIII Pizza – $12,000

It’ll come as no surprise that the most expensive pizza on our list is named after royalty. Created by master pizza chef Renato Viola, this pizza is topped with mozzarella, three types of caviar, lobster imported from Norway, and pink salt collected by hand from the Murray river in Australia. No, this isn’t delivery and it definitely ain’t Digiorno. To prepare, the pizza maker, a sommelier, and a separate chef to cook all the ingredients will fly to your home from Italy and prepare the pizza in your kitchen. Beat that Uber Eats.

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