Welcome Jockeys to our newest segment of Cinema from yours truly, Clarky. First on the menu, romantic comedies.

Show me a guy who states he hates Rom Com’s and I’ll show you a bottom tier liar and loser. Rom Coms are without a doubt, the best genre of movies. Romance, partial nudity, humor, tears and did I mention PG-13 nudity? We’re talking one nip slip people! Hitting the bars with the boys on Friday? Nay, find me curled up in my onesie sipping Franzia out the box while watching Kate Hudson lose a guy in 10 days. Below are my top 10 rom coms, let’s debate bitches.


10. No Strings Attached


From that 70’s show to the Butterfly effect, Mr. Kutcher has shown off his acting chops finely. In this romantic humor motion picture, Ashton seeks the eluding Natalie Portman who is a tough cookie to crack. With a kismet amount of humor infused with romance, this rom com lands at 10 on the Clarky’s rector scale. It also revived the most cliché line of all time ” Don’t come any closer.”




9. Knocked Up

Seth Rogan’s first big cameo on the big screen and it failed to disappoint. Some fine acting with Katheirne Heigel at his side, who evidently must have exposed the illuminati as she is no longer an employable actress. Anyways. This film highlights the awkwardness of getting pregnant by someone you could care less if they existed. This film is gassed with pee your pants humor but also tug’s at your heart with moments that make it a borderline “raunchy film” but yet, a Rom Com which is why it holds the line at #9.





8. The Wedding Singer


This movie is singly handily responsible for the resurgence of “You spin me right round “and the website “meatspin.com.” (don’t google that)

Could quite honestly be one of Adam Sandler’s last good movies he put out there but this 80’s heart throb doesn’t disappoint. A young wedding singer recently dumped on his wedding day struggles with getting his life back together while helping plan the wedding of one Julia (drew Berrymore) who is set to engage a horrible human. Despite being friends, romance is in the air! Can you smell a plot twist!? I freaking can! 80’s music and love, what the hell else do you want!???


7. How to Loose A guy in 10 Days

lose a

Arguably, the godfather who started it all for Romantic comedies in 2003. with an all-star cast of a young Mathew and smoke show Kate Hudson, this ceases to disappoint. A cunning and suave diamond salesman is set on making this broad fall for him. Little does he know, she’s using him for an article. Typical journalist.


6.The 40 year Old Virgin

40 year

If we’re talking strictly humor, this takes the cake. Before he was Michael Scott, Steve Carrel was Andy. Andy is a stock boy at a off brand tech company who skates through life with little friends, desire and absolutely zero sex. Sounds like my senior year all over. This hilarious comedy highlights the struggles of finding love and is guaranteed to make you poop your pants from laughing excessively.

5.The Girl Next Door

girl n

Every 90’s boy stuck in an awkward stage of puberty remembers this movie. Just the classic tale of a geek who ends up falling for a freak. A new girl moves to town and takes interest in a nice and quiet guy. As he begins to fall for her, he learns of her past career where she was a porn star. dun dun dun. Anyways, absolutely a phenomenal film.


4. Jerry Maguire


Show me the money baby! Another 90’s film that tugs on all those chords of that beating heart. With Tom cruise in his prime before he was jumping on couches and Cuba Jr before he was getting arrested, this film blends humor, romance and life all in one.

3. Silver Linings Playbook



A different approach on the typical romantic comedy where two people who are in the peak of mental breakdowns due to past trauma’s find each other in an unlikely way. with Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence and Robert Denerio the movie is worth seeing without even checking into the plot.


2. Crazy Stupid Love


crazy stupid

Full disclosure, this is my all time favorite movie. I may even have the movie poster in my room but that’s neither here nor there. Steve Carell make the list twice in this segment with this master piece of a flick. A middle aged accountant has a mid life crisis when he finds out his wife wants a divorce after cheating on him. With Ryan Gossling, Julliane Moore, Emma Stone, Marisa Tomei and Kevin Bacon ( David Lendhogen) this movie is filled with a lot of very attractive people who are also funny. Must be nice to be so good looking and also be charming.


  1. Forgetting Sarah Marshall


It was a close call but at number 1, we have Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Known for being the first movie to hit the screens that showed a penis scene, this moving also made headlines due to how funny it is. The movie showcases a musician whose long term movie star girlfriend breaks up with him to be with another man. They both end up vacationing in the same area and deal with the awkwardness. The movie is absolutely hilarious yet, streamlines the actual struggles that come with a devastating breakup.

That’s all this week folks, check back next week where we rank the top 10 sports movies.


written by Clarky

Written by Clarky