Big Dog OC is Back 

Hello my 9 to 5er’s, my corporate grinders, cubicle warriors, and my f****g office jockeys.

I took a 2 year Hiatus for a soul searching mission where I indulged in booze, neglect, and even a Chinese opioid den in Jacksonville. But, like the saying goes after a nuclear holocaust there will only be styrofoam and cockroaches. And This cockroach ain’t going anywhere and is ready to write.

I’ve increased my daily caffeine and bagel intake while decreasing my bong rips per day. I’m running as efficiently as an I phone 4 with the newest update settings. I am excited to begin creating content for this wonderful social media conglomerate (yeah I watch succession.)

The point of this blog is two inform the 5 people who still care about my well being, that I plan on contributing to this business in every way possible. Whether it’s writing, social media content, or trying to re-launch the nuclear disaster that was “Big Dogs Shed Talk” I will try with all my effort to catapult this website to the top. Then, we all become raving narcissists in skin tight acid washed jeans and yeezys while one of us cheats on our pregnant wife…. AKA the American Dream. Armed with a knew (yes I realize that’s on purpose)  knowledge of grammar, rhetoric, literature, pop culture, Fergie music, hooked on phonics, Watching all 9 Star Wars and Project Runway trivia……. I’m not just thrilled for this New Year, Nay,  I’m like an Astro’s employee in Radio Shack Thrilled. GEUAX Jockeys. 

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