Welcome to another segment of cinema with Clarky. If you missed last weeks, be sure to check it out here!  This week, we’re taking a stroll down Hollywood’s best sports cinema’s. Hollywood has fricked up a lot of movies but for the most part, they have excelled when it comes to sports movies. It was a tough call but below are Clarky’s top ten. Be sure to check out the healthy scratches below which just missed the list. Did your favorite sports film make the cut? Disagree? Tell us below or send in a user submissions here and we’ll publish your thoughts.

10. Slap shot

Arguably the first real hockey movie that stormed the gates of Hollywood. Anyone who enjoys this sport or has played hockey knows this movie served as a staple to any ice warrior. With Paul Newman as a lead, this sports comedy keeps you rolling the entire time while also educating yourself in all the violence that comes with this sport.

9.  The Rookie


Any movie with Denis Quaid will have some quality acting at the very least. Honing in on  a has been 40 year old pitcher who just says “frick it” and pursues a career in baseball working up the ladders of triple A ball to professional. Definitely a movie to bring home to the ole fam

8.  Radio


If you want to drown in your own tears for 2 hours, this is your movie. Centering around a man with autism who loves the local football team and just wants to be a part of something. The team takes him on as one of their own, while pulling on the strings of your heart the duration of the movie. With Cuba Junior as radio, the acting is flawless but just prepare yourself for a mountain of tears at the climax.

7. Hoosiers


For starters, I hate basketball. I think it’s a breeding ground for monsters  but that’s neither here nor there. This flick is great unlike the atrocity that is basketball. Following the historical 1954 season of  Indiana, this was one of the first films that broke the Hollywood barrier of sports. With Gene Hackman as the lead, this is a classic that’s a must see.

6. The Mighty Ducks franchise.

The first hockey movie that kids could finally watch. Despite if you enjoy hockey or not, this trilogy was cherished by all 80’s and 90’s kids. In my opinion the ranking goes D1,D3 and then D2 but that’s a tale for another day. Go Ducks!

5. The Little Giants

Again, another prime slice of winning for the 80’s and 90’s babies. A fun, family filled affair for all, which highlights an undersized and underperforming pop warner football team who overcomes adversity through comedy, corky ways and hard work.

4. Friday night lights (the movie)

What an absolute unit of a film. Based on the true novel, Friday night lights is based on Permanent, a small town in Texas where football is the air they breathe. Life itself shuts down when the high school plays, the town is in an awful mood if the team underperforms and the entire purpose for breeding is to produce football players for Permanent high school. It’s a masterpiece which highlights the burden many high school stars carry on their shoulders due to unrealistic expectations from parents, fans and their town.

3. The Sandlot


There may not be one person on the planet who dislikes this movie. The heart of every child’s first great sports movie, meet the Sandlot. There is literally nothing bad to say about this film. Who doesn’t want to watch a band of corky misfits going toe to toe with a man eating dog who has stolen their prized possession, a signed Babe Ruth baseball. If you have yet to see this, I imagine you are either an alien or Mark Zuckerberg. I award you no points and may god have mercy on your soul.

2. Miracle.

It took all in me not to rank this as number 1, yet, the movie in front of this is just far too historical to pass up on. That being said, Miracle is my all time favorite. Based on the miraculous USA 1980’s men’s hockey team who defied all odds and defeated the USSR (Russia) with a group of college kids. This in my opinion, was the first hockey movie in Hollywood which actually had skilled actors portray the  game look accurately. With Kurt Russel performing the iconic Herb Brooks, this film shines light on the struggles we as a country we’re dealing with at the time and how one team came together to unite a country by defeating the unbeatable Soviets.

1. Remember the Titans.

I mean how could this not be #1? This is not just the best sports movie of all time but may be one of the best movies of all time. Highlighting on one of the most controversial time periods of our country times, a group of diverse men come together to unite a town, city and country while showing no matter the color of our skin, we can all unite. If you have not seen this movie, call out of work and watch it. Just tell your boss I  said it’s okay.


*Honorable mentions

  • A League of their own
  • Coach Carter
  • Angels in the Outfield
  • Young Blood
  • The Blindside
  • Bad News Bears
  • Major League
  • Money Ball
  • Tin Cup (if you count golf)
  • Any Given Sunday
  • We Are Marshall
  • Space Jam (cartoon #1)

Stay tuned for next week as we dissect  the worst James Franco film…. Spring Breakers.