Throughout your career, you are going to work with a wide variety of people. Whether you hop between companies or stay in the same office for the entirety of your career, you’ll notice that every office you work in will have the same type of people. Take a look at the list below and try to figure out which one are you (hint: if you think your office doesn’t have that person, chances are that person is you).

1. The Loud Mouth

We’ve all seen this person in our office, and if you haven’t seen them, you’ve heard them. It’s like their voice only has one volume level and it’s full blast. Whether it’s a personal conversation in the cube, or an interaction with a client, if they open their mouth you’re gonna know about it. To engage with conversation with this person is to risk everyone knowing your business, so you avoid them at all costs. They’re not bad peoples, they’re just loud, and when you’re trying to churn through a bad work day, silence is golden, so by default we hate them.

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2. The Oversharer

You know exactly who I mean here. There is one person I your office that everyone knows every detail about their personal life. It’s not because their life is curious and we all yearn to learn more. It’s simply because they make it a point to talk about their personal life, even without you asking. The really bad ones will start almost every conversation with what’s going on with them. Topics include Pregnancy, marriage/dating life, their pets (forgivable), or whatever odd hobby they do outside of work.
“ugh so sorry for rambling on, it’s just I’m 6 months pregnant, total pregnant brain lol. Anyway thanks for calling 9-1-1 how may I direct your call?”

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3. The Mute

In every office there is one person that is the total opposite of the first two and just never talks. It’s not that they can’t talk, in fact I’m sure they can speak very well. They very rarely participate in meetings or group conversations. It is their main goal to show up to work, do their job, and clock out at the end of the day. The work they provide is solid, but not enough to draw attention to themselves. Chances are, they are flying under the radar until they find a new job.

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4. The Wild Outcast

This person is hard to spot until you break down their walls or really start talking to them. They seem totally average, maybe even a little shy. You wouldn’t mind hanging out with them outside of work but never would because it turns out they are a totally different person outside of work. One day you may ask them what they did over the weekend and they respond with some sort of bender or acid trip. You may even do some investigative work and find out they’ve been to jail a few times. Whatever their answer is, it totally stuns you leaving you with the only response imaginable “What the fuck?”

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5. The Overachiever

Yeah you know this person. In every meeting there is someone with no authority who has to ask questions or has to make a point. It’s never really a good point or a good question, it just seems like they’re trying to make their presence known as if the squeaky wheel gets a promotion. It’s easy for this person to outshine the others because they have their nose in everything, but it can’t outshine a solid work ethic and logic.

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6. Everyone’s Favorite Idiot

There’s always one person that everyone loves. Their personality means they get along with everyone. They’re super kind and seem to genuinely care about you as a human, so you don’t mind their presence. However, they tend to make a lot of mistakes and require a lot more supervision. Normally you would get upset, but since this person is so nice and great for team morale, you give sympathy.

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7. The Laid Back Warrior

This is the average worker. They’re able to provide solid, maybe even commendable, work without letting the stresses of the job wear them down. They participate enough to have a few close friends but not enough that everyone knows who they are. Managers love them because they don’t create trouble and perform well enough to make them look good. They’re not totally passionate about the job, so either they’ll get promoted or leave for another job elsewhere.

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8. The Lifers

This can be one of two people. Either they are super passionate about the company and it’s objectives, or they are super passionate about earning a steady paycheck. Either way, these people are not set on leaving the company and put all their enthusiasm towards maintaining the status quo. They’re not exceptional at their job, but can perform at the level that is needed.

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