Tv shows are the backbone of Hollywood. Sure, movies get the headlines but like a quick two pump chump, it’s over and you’re left unsatisfied. Tv shows last years, some even fricking decades. Much like getting to be a member of the Jelly of the Month club, TV shows are the gift that keeps on giving. They captivate us and allow us to escape our shitty reality to something exciting, worthwhile and all around better. That being said, every phenomenal show at some point, must end. Except for Greys Anatomy‚Ķ. How many more f***ng seasons are you going to make!? It’s a damn ER and the amount of main characters who have been killed off is highly suspicious‚Ķ but I digress. Some shows are able to tie up loose ends and leave you with a bitter sweet feeling. Upset that it’s over, yet, happy you were along for the journey. Then, there’s the other shows. The shows that end abruptly that leave you with a furry stronger than the gusts of a thousands winds. Below are the 4 shows I truly believe ripped out of my gonads and forced fed them down my throat like a cartel victim. Sorry for the graphic imagery.




4. The Sopranos


Arguably the most controversial ending to a true masterpiece which is considered the greatest show of all time. The Sopranos didn’t just have a vast following it was a jones town cult. The show captivated millions as it dived into the heart of Italian- American Mob. As phenomenal the show was, it failed to leave its viewers satisfied as half the audience didn’t know if Tony was dead or not. (he was) Despite having such a open ended climax, the show is Highly praised as one of television greatest shows of all time, some may argue the greatest but that’s a tale for another day.


3. True Detective (Season 3)


I held back a lot of personal vendettas not to land this pile of dog feces at number 1. Let me tell you…. I thought I was led me on in the 4th grade but that was nothing compared to the tease this finale was. To say I was invested in this show would be an understatement. I spent countless hours researching and watching conspiracy videos on YouTube about who the killer was. This show dropped heavy hints it had ties to season one and was focused on a large pedophile ring of high politicians (sound familiar,? #EPSTEIN) But in the end, the show that dangled the juicy carrot in front of the audiences faces for so long just took it all away in one scene. Grammy worthy acting and an impeccable written series were all demolished by this piece of poop ending. Shame on you HBO.


2. Game of Thrones


Arguably the most popular show of all time surprisingly captivated us for 8 seasons in a rather unpopular genre- Sci-fantasy. From Jon Snow knowing nothing to the mother of dragons burning cities to the ground, this show had it all. Be that as it may, it dropped a goose egg on its beloved fans when it came time to climax the cult of a show. From destroying vast character developments, to rushed scenes and lack luster substance behind the final minutes of the show, GOT left fans livid and bitter about the ending for the decades best show. Personally, I didn’t hate season 8, I thought they did a lot of things right but putting mother fracking bran on the throne was inexcusable. I can’t believe I’m going to even say it but I’d rather have that Hubba bubba Samwell Tarly sit on the throne than Bran the broken. You think this ending was brutal? Check out our next shameful ending

1. Dexter


Full disclosure, I just finished this show so my wounds are raw and fresh. Dexter for starters is one of the best shows I’ve ever witnessed. The way it is directed and narrated has you rooting for a vigilante serial killer for an entire 8 seasons. You heard that right, 8 season. 96 Episodes and 96 hours I will never ever get back. Moving on.

Just like every great show, they probably made one too many season but the last season was still entertaining and captivated audiences. However, that ending!???? There are not words on gods green earth I could muster to articulate my anguish when watching. At least GOT wraps the show up with a shit ton of closure and the realm moves on. Dexter just ends with that mother f****ker chopping wood in a cabin with a horribly grown beard. I had to call off of work the next day for Traumatic stress and also to google the ending so I could try to grasp my mind around the terrorism I just witnessed.. The ending of this show was so bad, Michael C. Hall (Dexter actor) hasn’t been seen since and is probably hibernating in the woods to hide from that shameful piece of shit ending. Sorry my blood sugar is low.

See you next week where we tackle the worlds best Disney original movies.