Let’s face it, the hardest part about that new diet you’re trying is trying to fight off the cravings. These guilty pleasures were the foundation of our food pyramid. Why? Because we enjoy them so much. Just the thought of indulging in that tasty goodness brings joy to your day (*mouth begins to water as I fantasize about a bag of potato chips*). Sadly, no matter what diet you’re on, the first step to succeeding is most likely cutting out these foods we love so much. That’s easier said than done. We’re already addicted and NEED to get our fix. Sure enough, after a week of struggling, we treat ourselves to our favorite treat and end up spiraling out of control. Before we know it, the diet is over and we’ve gained weight. This doesn’t need to be the case anymore. Here are some quick tips you can practice to help you fight those cravings and stay on track.

1. Just A Little Taste

Why go cold turkey when you can treat yourself to a little taste every now and then. Sure this sounds like an easy way to lose control fast, but it doesn’t have to be. Whenever you feel a craving coming on, indulge. Take one or two bites and then…throw the rest away. It’s a shame wasting all that food but if you want to dive off the deep end and finish that meal you’ll have to go diving through the trash to get it. This method lets you take a few bites that you’ll really enjoy and satisfy your craving, but let you cut yourself off before you eat too much and regret it.

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2. Ruin Your Food

If you’re out at a restaurant or just have some extra junk food laying around the house, the best way to stop yourself from indulging is to just flat out destroy the food. Don’t want to eat the cake the server brought you? Then pour water or salt on it. Make it to the point that it becomes inedible and you’ll no longer crave it. Even if you were starving, you wouldn’t dare eat it.

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3. Brush Your Teeth

If it’s late at night and you’re starting to get those late night cravings, just brush your teeth. We’re not suggesting that you eat some toothpaste as an alternative, you just might be more inclined to skip the extra snack if you’ve already brushed your teeth for the night. Also, everything tastes bad after you brush your teeth, so if you pregame your snack with some toothpaste, you’ll get no enjoyment out of the food you’re eating. Maybe next time you think about having a little snack, you’ll remember how bad it tasted last time.

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4. Eat Something Disgusting

This little trick helped me survive in college when I was dirt poor. Every time I would get hungry, I would take a bite of the only groceries I had left. One year was Publix potato salad. Another year was frozen Cheez-its (I can’t remember why we froze them so don’t ask). I had eaten these so many times that the very thought of it would make me sick, so when I would have one bite of it, I would immediately lose my appetite. No it’s not healthy, but it works.

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