First off, this show is absolutely bonkers. I don’t normally watch dating shows like this but my fiancé made me watch an episode and now I’m hooked. I’m familiar with shows like the Bachelor and was always a fan of the MTV classics “NEXT” and “Room Raiders” so it’s not like the entire concept of finding love through a game show is totally lost to me. Netflix’s “Love is Blind’ takes this concept to a whole other level though. The entire concept of the show is that couples find their forever love after only speaking to them for 10 days. When I say speaking, I mean that’s it. They can’t see one another, all they can do is hear each other’s voices. After 10 days of speaking like this, they are supposed to propose to the person they think they will live happily ever after with.
I understand the concept of the show trying to prove that love is truly blind and that you really could find love based on personality alone. That may be true, but proposing after only 10 days of speaking is very aggressive. That’s not nearly enough time to get to know someone or find out if they’re crazy. Yet here we are on episode 10 with some folks who thought they could beat the system and honestly believe they have found true love. The final episode of the show will air Thursday night (2/27) when we will watch to see which couples will actually walk down the aisle and say “I do” to marriage. While some of the couples have made it this far, there’s still a strong chance some of them won’t go through with it. Here are my predictions for tomorrow night’s outcome.


Kelly and Kenny

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Kenny: Yes

Kelly: Yes

Out of all the couples on the show, I think these two have the best chances of making it work. They just seem like good people and I guess at the end of the day, we just want good people to win. Not to mention, their parents seem to have similar origin stories having only dated a short while before getting married. It almost seems like destiny. Kenny has had some issues the past few episodes with them not having sex yet. Kelly feels like they should wait to develop stronger personal connection until they enter a physical relationship. It’s unclear if she wants to wait for marriage or just longer than 4 weeks, but unless Kenny snaps and tries to initiate coitus on the altar in front of their families, there’s no way this doesn’t go through.



Lauren and Cameron

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Cameron: Yes

Lauren: Yes

Since the first episode, these two have won our hearts. They were the very first couple to get engaged having done so after only 5 days. Is it pure insanity or true love? We’re all rooting for it to be true love. Cameron seems like the nicest dude who truly appreciates having met Lauren. Up until the last episode, we thought Lauren felt the same way. She may be having some doubts, but when it comes time to say “I do” we have no doubt that she will say Yes. Let’s face it, Cameron is a data scientist who makes bookoo money and is in shape, she’d be silly not to.


Damian and Giannina

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Damian: Yes

Giannina: Yes

The last episode ended with Giannina saying Yes, so that’s a giveaway, but the episode ends with Damian hesitating. That of course is just a way to build suspense. He’s going to say “Yes”. Honestly, they should just say “No”. They brag about how they have had ups and downs, but it’s only been a few weeks. If you guys were a good match there wouldn’t be that many ups and downs. The sick thing is I think they somehow get off on arguing. Think about it: the slightest word sends them into a screaming match which they always resolve by hooking up. Sure it may be fun but it’s definitely not healthy. They should say No but they’re going to say Yes.


Barnett and Amber

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Amber: Yes

Barnett: No

This is probably going to be the biggest upset of the episode. Amber has definitely shown that she is 100% on board with this relationship. She’s so dedicated that I fear for Barnett’s life if he were to try to walk away. I mean, we saw her threaten Jessica so it’s not that farfetched of an idea. Their relationship so far has appeared to be perfect with them far excelling in the physical portion and what appears to be little to no hesitation from Barnett. However, all his friends and family have been trying to convince him that marrying her is a bad idea, which is totally accurate considering they only know each other 4 weeks. While most of the other contestants are able to block out anyone’s objections, Barnett is way too family oriented to do the same and we can start to see hesitation when he speaks. At this point it’s like he’s rehearsing his speech of why this relationship is perfect but he doesn’t really mean it. I bet someone from his family says something to him on their wedding day and he backs out.


Mark and Jessica

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Mark: Yes

Jessica: No

Everything about this couple bothers me to the core. Every time I see them on the screen I find myself screaming “You are the F**king Worst!”. Mark seems like a cool dude, but he’s so dumb. Love isn’t blind, Mark is. He’s 24 years old and for some reason he’s so deadest on finding someone in the most insane fashion possible. Unfortunately for him, he chose Jessica who clearly doesn’t even like him. The most F’d up thing about it is she only went with him because she got rejected by Barnett. He would definitely say yes, but he should say no and run as far away as possible.
Jessica on the other hand is top ten worst people I’ve ever seen on TV. I don’t remember the hosts mentioning a prize for anyone who actually gets married, but apparently she thinks she’s going to win it just by getting married. Every episode she tries to find a new reason not to marry Mark and just when she has convinced herself that she is not happy and wants to leave, she somehow drinks a gallon of wine and convinces herself to stay. The main reason so far has been that he’s 24 and she’s 34. The other reason is that he’s not Barnett. Each episode she says she wants to talk to Barnett to make sure he’s totally fine with his decision to marry Amber, then plays it off like she has no feelings for him whatsoever, then finishes the segment by saying that she’s “so over with Barnett”. Why is she so fixed on him? Because in one episode, he said something along the lines of “If there were no other guys or girls here, I would propose to you right away.” Normal people might interpret that as “if I was the last person on Earth I may have a chance” but she apparently took it as him confessing his love to her. She hasn’t quit since. My guess is that she’ll run off from her wedding to go to Barnett and Amber’s wedding just to talk to Barnett one last time to make sure he absolutely wants to marry Amber. Then she’ll laugh it off and be the maid of honor at their wedding. Why? Because she is batshit crazy.


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