If you have yet to experience the gong show that is the XFL… my friend, you are missing out. What an absolute shit show. Not to long ago, I became a Vipers fan. Fan since day 1. With a rough start at 0-3, my vipers injected venom into Cardale Jone’s ass all night. The best part about the XFL is no one actually gives a shit about who wins the game. That’s the beauty of it. People are there with one goal in mind, get as messed up as possible and root for a team you really don’t give a shit about. Fans were draped in lime green and yellow. From White Goodman’s to men in full grown snake speedo’s… the Vipers game had it all. We held our first official tailgate this past Sunday and it failed to dissapoint Peep the video below and pictures for some insight. See you Vipers next week! #FANGGANG