In case you live under a rock or have quarantined yourself with zero contact from the rest of the world, then you would know that Mulletfest took place this past weekend.  According to this NY post article a British man has allegedly claimed to have won “World’s best mullet”, and the people of twitter are pissed (rightfully so, in my opinion).

I’m not sure who the judges are, what qualifications they have, or the categories they score on but having seen at least 12 mullets in my lifetime and having attended the Daytona 500 twice, I can sure as shit tell you that this man does not have the worlds best mullet.

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against this man or the country of England but something doesn’t sit right with me knowing that it wasn’t an American who won this prestigious award.  I’m not entirely positive, nor do I have the energy to research it, but I’m gonna go ahead and assume that the mullet was invented in the USA, at the very least I am certain we are the ones who popularized and glorified it.  For some other country to take that honor is preposterous.  As you all know, we are a pro-mullet blog and we absolutely DO NOT mullet shame, but c’mon man.

It’s not just me that is upset either, known mullet havers such as Theo “rat king” Von and Riff-Raff chipped in with their opinion as well.


So eloquently put Riff, as always.


Needless to say, things got NASTY fast.  But this abuse wasn’t reserved for only the elites, look at this sick burn from Lisa Boothe


or this ferocious comeback from twitter user ‘K’, this guy is getting crushed like a grape in a fruit fight!!  Take it easy K, this man has a family!


At the end of the day, I believe we can all appreciate the beauty of a good mullet.  And now that the word is out, let this be the official warning that the good ole US of A is coming for that ass in 2021!