Calling all Jockeys!
Since we went live last year, we have posted hundreds of articles covering a wide variety of topics including sports, food, dating, our favorite TV shows, and the struggles of making it through the work week. Some of these articles made us laugh. Some made us cry. And some just left us asking “What the f*ck did I just read?”
Above all else, we consider the Office Jockeys to be a community. You’ve heard our stories, but now we want to hear yours.
Have you been on any terrible dates lately that just make you want to give up dating all together? Write about it.
Is your team having a mind blowing awful season? Write about it.
Are you watching a new favorite show that you want the rest of the world to binge with you? Write about it.
Struggling through a diet or want to help others break their’s? Write about it.
Trying to land a job and work your way up the corporate ladder? Write about it.
Have some strong opinions about this upcoming election? Keep that sh*t to yourself.
So why write? Simple: we’ll pay you. For every article you submit that gets published we will pay you $10. This is the important part we need to stress. Every article that is submitted may not get published. After all, we have a reputation to maintain. We will only publish the finest content that will entertain our readers. An article will not be published if it contains offensive/derogatory language, politically focused topics, topics previously covered in a previous post, or an excessive amount of grammatical and spelling errors (yeah I know we make those too just don’t make our job harder than it needs to be).
To clarify, here are the official rules:
  • For every article that is Published, you will be paid $10
  • Cannot be offensive or political
  • Can’t be on a topic that was covered in one of our previous posts (unless building off of or a continuation)
  • Must be logical and contain little to no grammatical errors
  • Style of writing and length of article do not matter as long as the article is entertaining
  • By default, all articles will be posted as anonymous, but we will gladly include your name if requested.
We’re excited to open up the floor to our viewers and we hope you are, too. To submit, email your articles to the with the subject line “Office Jockey Submission”.
Thank you for joining us on this magical ride so far and we hope to hear from you soon.