Due to the current predicament in our world right now, who knows if we are able to ever celebrate these great drinking events outside the comfort of our home… but a boy can dream damnit. If you’re looking for an excuse to booze it up on a holiday, this article is for you. Make sure to take the next day off of work because a hangover past 25 is arguably worse than Corona. Stay safe and stay the f**k inside for the time being. Enjoy!

  • January 1st- National Hangover Day
  • January 24th- National Beer Can Appreciation Day
  • February 2nd- Ground Hog day
  • February 2nd- Super Bowl
  • February 14th- Valentines Day
  • February 17th- Presidents day
  • February 24th – World Bartender appreciation Day
  • February¬† 25th- Mardiras
  • March 17th- Saint Patrick’s Day
  • April 6th- No More Prohibition day
  • April 23rd- National German beer day
  • May 2nd Kentucky Derby
  • May 5th Cinco De Mayo
  • May 7th- national home brew day
  • May 10th Mothers day
  • May 25th Memorial Day
  • June 14th Flag Day
  • June 21st Father Day
  • August 6th- National IPA Day
  • August 7th- international beer day
  • September 7th- Labor Day
  • September 11th- Patriots Day
  • September 19th- first day of Oktoberfest
  • September 20th- Sour beer day
  • September 28th- drink beer day
  • October 9th- Beer and Pizza day
  • October 12th Columbus Day
  • October 31st- Halloween
  • November 3rd- Election Day
  • November 26th- Thanksgiving
  • Dec 7th- Pearl Harbor remembrance Day¬†
  • Dec 11th- First Day of Chanukah
  • Dec 24th- Christmas Eve
  • Dec 25th- Christmas
  • Dec 31st- New Years Eve

There you have it Jockeys, your full list of drinking holidays. Be sure to take off work the next day or suffer the wrath of a furious hangover deep in your cubicle.


written by Clarky

Written by Clarky