The results are in! After over 400 votes between our Instagram and Facebook (and yes, I actually did go thru and count each vote, quarantine szn has put some serious time on my hands), we finally have our quarantine house winner. And the winner is…..

House 3! Consisting of Pam Beesly, Phyllis Vance, Creed Bratton, Kevin Malone, & Angela Martin. House 3 narrowed out house 2 by receiving about 30% of the total votes, with many citing the one and only, Creed Bratton as the deciding factor. Now of course, much like Plant Fitness, this is a judgement free zone but anyone who willing chooses to be trapped in a house with Creed has some severe childhood demons. I’m not judging, but I’m judging; carrying on.

Overall, it was a fairly close race, with each house receiving double digit percentages.

House 1: 23%

House 2: 22%

House 3: 30%

House 4: 11%

House 5: 12%

House 6: 2%

That is, with the exception of house 6. Not sure what happened here but this house received a measly 8 votes (or 2%), and I believe a large majority of those were by accident. Lets break this down a bit further and take a look at the winning house, and the house that apparently only sociopaths voted for.

The Winner: House 3; a breakdown

Overwhelmingly, the house is filled with drama. With at least 4 people who were at one time on the party planning committee, there’s no doubt that this house could plan a hell of a fiesta, the only question is would it be exciting. Given Angela’s blah demeanor and overall horeshit personality (sorry, not a huge Angela fan, I just don’t see it) I’m almost certain she could dampen even the littiest of gatherings. But, as they say, with great power comes great drama and my guess is all the women in this house would be bickering non-stop. Of course the Kevin factor would mellow things out and no doubt provide endless mild humor as he navigates the kitchen and finds new ways to delve into his favorite delicacies. Pam is Pam, knows her role but needs a true alpha (Jim) to really contribute. Phyllis will keep Angela in check as she doesn’t take no shit. Creed is the wild card.


I’m not sure how I would feel in a house with him, extremely safe and protected from others or petrifyingly terrified for my life that I would wake up to him sniffing my sock drawer. Either way, this house has it all, drama, humor, and a little bit of the wild side. I can see why the people liked it, its not my cup of tea but hey, to each their own.

The Loser: House 6; a breakdown

Holy Shit-balls. When constructing this work of art in between dodging my actual work responsibilities, I thought the houses were divvied up pretty fair, each house had a favorite character or 2 and some interesting relationship dynamics, boy was I wrong. House 6 got absolutely shit on from the start. I’m talking taken out back and getting beat like they stole something. There were more comments berating how bad of a house 6 was then there was actual votes for. Sure, I wasn’t naïve enough to think this misfit house of bandits would be a favorite but I certainly thought there was a unique atmosphere.


Now I get it, everyone holds a grudge against Deangelo Vickers for taking Michael’s place (not to mention his juggling skills), but you cant tell me that Todd Packer tearing into Gabe Lewis on a daily basis as he watches strange Japanese horror movies without any subtitles, wouldn’t be pure entertainment. Some might ask what role David Wallace would play and to that I say who the hell knows? He would probably walk around looking lost most days, as he breaks out in random drum solos. Throw in Agent Michael Scarn and you have a house that doesn’t make any sense but seems like there’s a chance it could work. Needless to say, I heed the advice of the people and trust that this certainly is the worst house, but I stand by the fact that it would provide the absolute wildest day-to-day undertakings.


There you have it, folks. The final results of our Quarantine House: The Office edition, thank you all for participating (even those who I vehemently disagree with) and stay tuned for future house challenges.