The mandated work from home for many has been extended into May, which means we have a lot more binging to complete before we can go outside again. We’ve already had a great start with the release of “Tiger King” on Netflix which introduced us into the wild world of Tiger Zoos and our new favorite characters: Joe Exotic and Carole Baskins. Once you finish that series, you’ll be tempted to hop right back into another series. You could choose a fictional series that’s highly entertaining, or you could stick with a documentary that’ll teach you about what’s really going on in the world not covered by the news. It’s difficult to top the circus portrayed in Tiger King, but there’s plenty of options out there to help fill the void. Here’s a list of our favorites right now.


1. White Boy

We all love documentaries about people who are wrongly convicted and sent to jail for long periods of time. This is kind of like that, but much more aggravating. This film shows us the story of “White Boy” Rick, a white teenager who was branded as a drug kingpin in the city of Detroit. The truth is, he was just a low time drug dealer and a FBI informant. That combo somehow got him a life sentence. The amount of corruption surrounding this case is absolutely astounding and will leave you saying “What the f@ck?”. If documentaries aren’t your thing, then there’s also a theatrical adaptation of the story starring Matthew McConaughey.

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2. The Scheme

We’ve always suspected that there is major corruption in the world of college sports. This documentary takes us inside the FBI investigation that brought that corruption to life. Question is: was the investigation itself corrupt? Definitely worth a watch for any college sports fans.

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3. How to Fix A Drug Scandal

How much damage could a crack head do in a drug testing lab surrounded by an endless supply of criminal seized drugs? No need to wonder, this docuseries shows us how this exact scenario wreaked havoc on the Massachusetts justice system. If you love documentaries about drugs or criminal injustices, then this is a must watch for you.

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4. The Pharmacist

This is the amazing story of how a pharmacist launches is own investigation into the murder of his son and the opioid crisis that was destroying his town in Louisiana. Is he the hero we need in the war on drugs, or just a rogue vigilante interfering with a federal investigation? That’s for you to decide. Either way, well worth a watch.

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5. To Catch a Predator

You may remember this show from back in the day that followed Chris Hansen as he baited child predators into meeting him in the ultimate sting operation. Nothing is more enjoyable than watching the lives of these predators destroyed as Chris Hansen reads back to them the transcripts of their online chats with a minor. This show was sadly taken off the air after a judge killed himself shortly after appearing on the show. Lucky for us, you can find a ton of episodes on Youtube.

To Catch a Predator (TV Series 2004–2007) - IMDb


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