2005, What a time. My hair was long, my pants were black, my attitude was scene and my outlook on life was mean. As you can see, not a whole lot has changed. For most lost little teenage boys and girls, music played a huge role in our life. Oh, I bask in the days when my dad was trying to have a heart to heart with me, yet, I had “Nikki Fm” by Hawthorne heights blasting through my iPod nano. They just don’t make music like they used too. Instead of the heart wrenching lyrics about leading a Black Parade… we’re now listening to Cardi B and Owl freaking City. Remember when EMO was cool? Sure our dads didn’t understand us and our grandparents thought we were gang members… but dammit we felt alive, didn’t we?

Anyways, here is a list of the top Emo bands which are 100% still on my Spotify Playlist. Matter of fact, check out our first official Spotify Playlist here!


31. Senses Fail


Kicking of our list is one of the most scene bands out there. With some grungy screaming with a depressing melody to play along, this was a staple in any young teenager who was angry at that drug we all call life.

Top Songs

  • Rum is for drinking, not burning
  • Buried Lie
  • Can’t be Saved


30. Story of the Year


A fine example of a band who only spurted out one decent album but man did it have some tasty licks for those lost teenage souls.

  • Until the Day I die
  • Sidewalks
  • Anthem of our dying day


29. Boys Like Girls


I remember it like it was yesterday, riding my bike to the rock creek pool singing the melody ” throw it away, forget yesterday!” at the top of my lungs. Nothing says emo like wearing all black pants and Billa-bong sweatshirt to the pool. Luckily, it was just a phase, a phase I am still stuck in today.

Top Songs

  • The Great Escape
  • Hero/Heroine
  • Thunder


28. Bowling For Soup


Regardless of how old this band is, 1985 still manages it’s way to every Fraternity party playlist.

  • 1985
  • Almost
  • Punk Rock 101


27. UnderOath


The first popular screamo band that wasn’t insane clown posy or slipknot.

Top Songs

  • A Boy Brushed Red Living in Black and White
  • Writing on the Walls
  • When the Sun Sleeps


26. Paramore


One of the first female vocalist who lead the march of women’s Emo. One of the few bands on this list who is still making music.

Top Songs

  • Misery Business
  • Ain’t It Fun
  • Still into You


25. New Found Glory

new found

You could argue they only put out about three good songs but that’s the case with a lot of these scene bands. Top heavy with some real depressing deep tracks for the darkest of souls.

  • All Downhill From Here
  • My Friends Over You
  • Kiss Me (Cover)


24. From First to Last (Now Skrillex lol)


Who would have thought this depraved teenage boy screaming his lungs out about some girl named Emily would grow up and become Skrillex. Then again in 8th grade I was wearing Spitfire shirts, changing out the bearings in my tech decks and by the 9th grade I was the poster child of Hollister. People change man.

Top Songs

  • Note to Self
  • Emily
  • Make War


23. Mayday Parade


These guys we’re really emo. Skinny Jeans, long hair and melody’s that make you want to crawl up into a ball and sob uncontrollably.

  • Jamie All Over
  • Miserable at best
  • Terrible things


22. Silverstein


If you listened to this band, you were really deep into the scene phase. Little bit of light scremo mixed with some depressing lyrics equilaterals to impeccable emo.

Top Songs

  • Smile in Your Sleep
  • My Heroine
  • Smashed Into Pieces


21. The Used

the used

Full disclosure, the lead singer in this band scared the shit out of me. He looked like the grudge. I mean holy shit look at that demented creature. Anyways, great music and by great music, I mean your dad would hate it.

  • The Taste of Ink
  • All that I’ve Got
  • The Bird and the Worm


20. Brand New

brand new

One of the most underrated grunge/emo bands on the market. I found out about them while playing NHL 2004 and one of their songs was featured. If you have not listened to them, check them out, they have some tasty licks on their vinyl players.

Top Songs

  • The Quiet Thing That No one Ever Knows
  • Gloria Fading
  • Jesus Christ


19.Dashboard Confessional


One of the more mainstream emo bands that hit the scene in the early 2000’s. They have some pretty decent songs but not one of my true favorites. However, I’m sure all 4 people who read this would have an uproar if I left them off.

  • Hands Down
  • Vindicated
  • Stolen


18. A Day to Remember


God, I feel like I’m back in the locker room lacing up my tuk’s with the boys and Downfall of us All is pounding so hard my moms ears are bleeding from the stands. Flirting with emo and some mainstream hard rock… ADTR has some real deep tracks. Give them a listen.

  • If it Means A lot to You
  • I’m Made of Wax Larry, What are you made of?
  • The Downfall of Us All


17. Simple Plan

simple plan

I woke up it was 7, I waited until 11 just to figure out no one would call. Sounds like my post grad Friday night. Everybody knows these guys. Little too mainstream for my 2007 I-pod but still some goodies on their albums.

  • Perfect
  • I’m Just a Kid
  • Welcome to My Life


16.  Evanescence


Bring me to life is one of the greatest songs of all time. My immortal is one of the saddest songs in the history of music. No one has pipes like my girl Evanescence.

  • Bring Me to Life
  • My Immortal
  • Call Me When You’re Sober


15. Yellow Card

Screen Shot 2020-04-13 at 8.00.05 PM.png

You can’t mutter mid 200’s emo without mentioning Yellow Card. Sleeping all day, staying up all night was the motto of every deranged teenager

  • Ocean Avenue
  • Only One
  • Way Away


14. The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

red jump

Another example of a one hit wonder but gosh darnit that one album they screamed their lungs out and it was magical. The whole album was a vibe and that vibe was crying uncontrollably.

  • Face Down
  • Your Guardian Angel
  • Misery Loves Company


13. All Time Low



The poster child of boy band meets emo. Skinny jeans, AFI haircuts and a bad attitude. These guys definitely don’t talk to their dad on a regular basis.

Top Songs

  • Dear Maria Count me In
  • Remembering Sunday
  • Weightless


12. 30 seconds to Mars


Who would of thought Jared Leto was the front man in a successful emo band? Personally, I wish he’d give up this acting bullshit and get back to making depressing music for us all. Sellout!

  • The Kill
  • Attack
  • From Yesterday


11. Jimmy Eat World


Again, discovered this band playing NHL 2003 when “Sweetness” stormed through the PC screen and my life has never been the same.

  • Sweetness
  • Pain
  • The Middle


10. All American Rejects

american r

Swing Swing could go down as one of the most sad songs in history. Go to a local skate park and blast this melody.

  • Swing, Swing
  • Move Along
  • Gives you Hell


9. Good Charlotte

godo charlotte

Fun fact, I used to have liberty spikes like the guitar player. Might bring those back. Chicks love spikes.

  • The Anthem
  • My Bloody Valentine
  • Girls&Boys


8. Sum 41


Punk rock porks Emo thus creating the child that was Sum 41. The bad boy skaters of dog town ripped it up for the first half of the 2000’s.

  • Fat Lip
  • In too Deep
  • With Me


7. Hawthorne Heights


You were not a scene kid unless you had Silence in Black and White on your I pod shuffle. These guys were an absolute depressing masterpiece that teenagers around the country we’re screaming “cut my wrists and black my eyes” and having no idea what they were actually repeating. Full disclosure, you should not do that.

Regardless, Hall of famer’s in the EMO community. RIP Casey.

  • Nikki Fm
  • Ohio is For Lovers
  • This is Who We Are


6. Taking Back Sunday


Now we’re getting into the GOATS. The bands that paved the way for the rest. Taking back Sunday could very well be number 1, yet the bands in front of them are just that good.

  • Make Damn Sure
  • Cute without the E
  • You’re so Last Summer


5. The Killers


Although they may not be classified as emo anymore, in 2004 when Mr. Bright side debuted, they were in their prime. I still hear that song on the radio and it’s been 16 years. Play this song at any party and watch white people loose their minds.

  • Mr. Bright side
  • Somebody Told me
  • When you were Young


4. Panic At the Disco


One of the few bands on this list that is still making music and being quite successful. You could argue they are more popular now than when their smash hit ” I write Sins not tragedies” debuted.

  • I write Sins Not Tragedies
  • Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking your clothes off
  • High Hopes


3. Fall out Boy


It’s hard to even list their top songs because they arguably have 10 number one hits. Again, still making music today and killing it.

  • Dance, Dance!
  • Sugar we’re Going Down
  • Thnks Fr Th Memories


2. Blink 182

Screen Shot 2020-04-13 at 8.09.39 PM.png

There may be a lot of people out there livid this band is not number 1. Yes, in terms of success they are the most popular modern day punk/emo band to date. However, not all their music is true emo which is why they slide to #2. Absolute legend of a band and no doubt we will have a Motley Crue type documentary on them one day.

  • I miss You
  • What’s My Age Again
  • Adam’s Song


  1. My Chemical Romance

MCR 3 cheers.jpg

Alas, we have reached our winner. The leaders of the black parade. The kings of the misfits and lords of the undesirable. My chemical f***ng romance. Just try to play the black parade and not have a group of white people sing in perfect harmony ” We’ll carry on….”

  • Welcome to the Black Parade
  • Helena
  • I’m Not Okay (I promise)

Stay tuned for next weeks playlist featuring the ultimate 80’s “frat” party playlist

written by Clarky

Written by Clarky