This past weekend, Netflix introduced us to a new reality dating show “Too Hot To Handle”.  After blowing our minds with “Love Is Blind” we watch to see if Netflix can reach a new high by teaching us some new lessons in Love. Just like Love is Blind’s experiment to see if two people can fall in love without seeing each other in person, Too Hot To Handle also tries to prove that Love is more than just physical attraction. This new show takes a different approach to a similar lesson.

Instead of a dating pod with a couch, the producers of Too Hot To Handle take a bunch of extremely beautiful people and put them in a beachside resort. The same concept applies here in that all these people are looking for love, or at least to hook up with some other beautiful people. But this is where the show has a major twist. In order to win this game, the contestants can only look, touching is forbidden. That’s right, these contestants are forced to go the entire time without having sex with any of the other contestants, or even themselves. Even kissing is forbidden. So basically, in order to win, these contestants have to go 4 weeks without having sex. What’s the prize? $100,000

For the contestants on the show who all claim to have sex on the daily, this is an absolute nightmare. If beautiful people like that let me hang out with them, I’d probably agree. But for the rest of the average looking world, 4 weeks without sex isn’t that hard. In fact it’s probably the standard. So what we’re really seeing here is a competition for beautiful people to become normal.

Of course, the fact that they’re all incredibly sexy makes this show enjoyable to watch, and yes definitely we all want to see them get it on. Let’s face it, the winners split that cash prize, which means they probably won’t walk away with much. Most of these model folks probably already make a ton promoting Fashionnova on their Instagram anyway, so the money is even less of a necessity. That means these people need neither the sex or the money, they already get tons of it.

I think we’re all due for an upgrade. Instead of dating shows with only the cream of the crop that are completely unrelatable, let’s host a show featuring people we can relate to. Instead, I’d like to see a version of this show where the people have average physiques and a below average love life. Those struggling to get laid will flock to this show for a chance to hook up with similar people, only to find out that the dry spell must continue. They also need to be incredibly broke. This raises the stakes of the whole game and really makes the decision between sex or money all the more difficult. Should Netflix try to recruit a bunch of sexy homeless people for a spin off? I don’t know if that would make the show better, but I’d definitely watch that. Make it happen Netflix.


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