Last week, we dove into the world of Emo and ranked our top 31 bands. This week, we’ll take a look at the most rowdy 15 songs from the 70’s/80’s that will take your party to the next level. Be sure to check out our newest Spotify Playlist Here! 

*Disclaimer: This list does not represent the best songs from the 70’s/80’s. It is solely the best drinking songs from those respected decades. Enjoy!


15. Cum On Feel The Noize- QuietRiot (1973)

Anyone whose been to a Fraternity party or just a party in general has heard this sing along melody. The perfect jam to take that party up another notch.

Pairs well with ” Guys Night” 


14. Born in The U.S.A.- Bruce Springsteen (1984)

This song pairs well with any themed party because America is the best and I don’t care what you think regarding that statement. Play this bad boy on the 4th of July and watch hundreds of drunk patriotic Americans sing just the chorus because no one knows the actual lyrics.

Pairs well with ” American themed” Fourth of July or really anything because God Bless the U.SA.


13. Sweet Child 0′ Mine- Guns N’ Roses (1987)

A 70/80’s party playlist wouldn’t be complete without at least one guest appearance from Guns N Roses. This is perfect song to set the tone that tonight will be a weird night.

Pairs well with any 80’s themed party 


12. Girls, Girls, Girls- Motley Crue (1987)

Making it’s first but not last appearance on this list, the bad boys of the 80’s. Again, another example of a song where the only words that matter…. are the chorus. Girls, Girls, Girls. Play this tasty lick to get the people going.

Pairs well with “Biker and Babes” Party


11. You Give Love a Bad Name -Bon Jovi (1986)

Another phenomenal sing along that is a must at all parties looking to go until the break of dawn. This song can be played at least 4 times through out the night.

Pairs well with anything. Literally, you could play it a funeral. 


10. Highway to Hell (1979) AC/DC

A little more hardcore than the majority of bands on this list, however, we would be reminisced if we didn’t include this. Weather you heard it on tony hawk pro skater 1 or drinking your first beer in your cousins basement, everyone knows the chorus to this rowdy track

Pairs well in your buddies basement where nobody knows what happens down there. 


9. Jessie’s Girl- Rick Springfield (1981)

This is a song you get on the counter top and sing to all night long. One of the few songs you can play 10 times during the night and no one is going to be mad about it.

Pairs well at any party, any moment of the day


8.  Kick start My heart (1989) Motley Crue

Another head rocking song from Motley Crue which brings all the mother f****ng noise. This song was bred for getting entirely too drunk at 80’s parties and headbutting innocent bystanders

Pairs well when everyone blacks the frick out.


7. We will Rock you/ We Are the Champions (1977) Queen

Now we’re getting into the GOATS of the list… Queen. This song is a pure masterpiece that transitions from an upbeat melody to a sing along chorus. This is the perfect song to end a party to.

Pairs well to cap off the end of a night


6. Pour some sugar on me (1987) Def Leppard

Another tune you want to sound off at about midnight when shit really starts getting strangely weird. If you’re party hasn’t reached that level yet, throw this tasty tune on the track and enjoy the show

Pairs well at 11 p.m. when the party is ready to hit those levels like Avicii (rip)


5. Don’t Stop Believing – Journey (1981)

Now we have hit a new level of top hits for your party. If any of these next 5 are missing, you should reconsider hosting a party. This tune serves as a catalyst of all parties. You’re never going to have a bad time listening to this song. Game changer

Pairs well at the peak of your party. 


4. Home, Sweet Home (1985) Motley Crue

Another tune that the entire party will sing in unison while they take pulls from fireball handles. Again, the drunker you are, the better this sweet melody hits. Home Sweet Home baby.

Pairs well after Midnight


3. Fat Bottomed Girls (1978) Queen

If you want to see a parade of drunken females twerking on a counter top, this is the song for you. Pairs well with a White trash Bash or anything with alcohol.

Pairs well whenever you decide the party needs to hit that stage of weirdness. 


2. Livin on a Prayer- Bon Jovi (1986)

This was a tough one because this could arguably be number 1. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a party and this song not come on. It probably has the best chorus to drunkenly scream while you stumble into a sliding glass door.

Pairs well with… well see above.


  1. bohemian rhapsody (1975) Queen

Alas, we are number one and what other song could it really be? The gods of music, Queen. This is arguably the greatest song of all time so naturally, it’s needed.

Pairs well when you play this 10 times on repeat. Best song ever made.


Be sure to check in for next week’s Playlist: “Girls night out on the town”

written by Clarky

Written by Clarky