Looking for a new show to binge? Then it’s time you checked out Netflix’s new reality dating show “Too Hot To Handle”. If you haven’t heard of the show yet, then let me explain: Basically, a group of beautiful people have to last 4 weeks without having sex with each other in order to win $100,000. Abstinence sounds boring, especially when it’s your normal love life, but to watch these gorgeous airheads struggle through it gets pretty entertaining.

To help make the show a little more exciting, we’ve included the rules below for a drinking game designed to get you feelin’ nice and tipsy through this series. Cheers to abstinence!

  1. Every time Chloe thinks a guy is hot: Drink
  2. Every time Francesca says “I feel like I’m gonna puke”: Drink
  3. Every time someone says something ditzy: Drink
  4. Every time someone cries: Drink
  5. Every time someone kisses: Drink
  6. If someone successfully resists temptation: Drink
  7. Every time you hear the word lit: Drink
  8. Every time someone says something incredibly British: Drink
  9. Drink 1 second for every $1000 deducted from the prize fund
  10. Every time someone breaks the rules: Drink 10 seconds


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