Remember the days when hockey was available every night? Shit, at this point I’d even be happy to see Crosby lace them up… that’s how much I miss hockey. The hits, the grit and most importantly, the celly’s which uproots us to our article today. Power ranking the most memorable celebrations of all time. Some are notorious individual celly’s while others represent some of the greatest team celebrations of all time. Let’s just pray hockey is back in August.

15. The Nail Yakapov Slide

Nail Yakapov…..A former first rounder during the days where the Oilers had the number one overall pick for 6 years running. Anyways, the flashy Russian never quite found his way in the NHL and is widely considered one of the biggest busts of all time but he did leave his mark with this silky celly. And no, this was not a playoff goal because the Oilers boycott the playoffs since Gretzky was traded.


14. Kovalchuk Points at Crosby

Sure, I put this one on as personal pleasure because I am a Caps fan and Crosby has been haunting me since 2005. However, Kovalchuk in his prime riffles home a clapper after Crosby took a minor slashing penalty. Yeah, that’s back when they used to call penalties on the poster child of the NHL. A subtle point to the box is all that was needed on this juicy goal. That’s cold Russian love right there. Of course, this is all prior to him absolutely railroading the New Jersey Devils franchise and they have yet to recover. Almost worse than the whole Danny Heatly saga but that’s a tale for another day.


13. Tiger Williams Rides the Pony

Nothing says disrespect like riding a gosh damn pony after scoring a huge goal. Wish I was alive to witness this absolute savagery. If you were looking for your next Men’s League Celly….. this is it.

12. Theo Fluery Glide

This is something you see in a House league Mites game. Skating from one end of the ice into a a barrel role is just beautiful. Can’t wait to do this in Men’s League.


11. Paul Kariya’s Bomb

Who remembers the 2003 Stanley Cup Finals when Scott Stevens absolutely leveled Paul Kariya into next week? Today, Stevens would have been suspended for half a season but this was before the movie “concussion.”

Anyways, Kariya was knocked out cold and left the ice. Somehow, he ends up returning (prior to concussion protocol) and scores an absolute bomb on his first shift. Just pure and raw emotion. The Ducks end up losing that series but dammit that was one of the coolest redemption moments in hockey.


10. Ovechkin stick’s on fire

Sure I am biased because Ovechkin is my Russian prince and deserves all of Russia’s finest silver. Want to talk about disrespect? Nipping your 50th goal, placing your stick on the ice and pretending its on fire. That’s some NHL Hitz 2003 shit right there. Don Cherry really loved that celebration…..


9. Patrick Kane Showtime

Patrick Kane will go down as the best American player to ever play the game (Sorry Modano) and his “Showtime” celly is second to none. Slide to the knees with a stab to the f***ng heart baby. Absolute heart stopper and performed flawlessly. Just wish the Hawks we’re good again so I could watch some Kaner in the post season.


8. Ovie/Crosby dueling Hat-trick’s

This was a bad ass moment in hockey history. The two most prominent upcoming players that the media turned into rivals. The 2004 first overall pick vs the 2005 first overall pick. Electric Goal Scorer vs Play maker of the decade. You can’t script this shit up any better. In the 2008 Eastern quarter finals, the Caps and Pens faced off and the superstars failed to disappoint. In a back and fourth game, both transcendent talents scored dueling hat-tricks and the celly’s on both players face we’re beautiful. One of the coolest moments in history. The Pens would go on to win this series because until 2018 the Caps we’re dog shit in the playoffs.


7. Yzerman Goal

Some low quality 360 P content but anyone who watches hockey knows of the infamous Yzerman goal and the celly that followed. Will go down as one of the greatest and most memorable moments in hockey history. Yzerman would go on to lead the Wings to a Stanley Cup which was something he never could do with the Lightning.



6. Yzerman passes the Cup to Vladmimir Kostantinov

Our first sentimental celebration but one of the most genuine moments in sports history. Konstantinov was known as one of the members of the “Russian 5” which consisted of some filthy Russian born  players who all wore Red Wing sweaters. His career was sadly ended in a Limo zine accident 6 days after winning the 1997 Stanley Cup. In 1998 the Red Wings won (swept the Capitals) and Yzerman chose to pass the cup to his fellow comrade, Konstantinov. Just a really moving moment in sports history. Who’s cutting onions in here?


5. Teemu Selanne duck hunter

The Finish Flash scored 76 goals in his rookie season which is just the most absurd stat I have ever heard. Scoring 76 goals is absolutely disrespectful and to add salt to the wound, throwing your glove up in the air after a sick goal and pretending to shoot it out of the sky like some helpless pheasant is savagery.


4. Gretzky Passes Howe

Like any record, eventually someone is going to break it…. that is unless you score 2,857 career points. That shit is never getting passed. When Gretzky broke Mr. Hockey’s record, it was one of the most notorious yet classy celly’s out there. The ” Running” on ice with two mit’s and twig in air. The ceremony after was one for the books as well. They literally stopped a hockey game mid point to honor him. Chilling shit right there.


3. The 2018 Washington Capitals

Again, biased but no matter who you root for, watching all the anguish gets extinguished from Ovie’s eyes as he raised that cup was beyond memorable. After years of sheer disappointment …. the Caps finally did it. Sure, the actually raising of the cup was a notorious celebration but it’s what the Caps did after that was so legendary. The Cap’s entire team was literally blacked out for an entire summer. People speculated if they would even be sober come October. Keg stands at MLB games, drinking non stop and drunkenly swimming in fountains in broad day light. The whole team was a f****ng gong show for 1/4 of 2018.



2. Bobby Orr (Tie)

Yes, we have two ties because 15 celly’s sound a shit ton better than 16. Anyone whose ever picked up a twig knows of the great  Bobby Orr and the epic goal. If we’re ranking strictly off goal celebrations, this one takes the cake by a mile.

2. Ray Bourque Wins cup (Tie)

In terms of the NHL, this is the most memorable celly. Ray Bourque went years without hoisting the biggest trophy of all. In the season of 2002, his long tenured team, The Boston Bruins made a classy move and traded him to arguably the most stacked team since the USSR, the Colorado Avalanche. They went on to win the cup and when Joe Sackic selflessly passed the cup to Bourque, the stadium erupted. Unbelievable moment people.

  1. Lake Placid 1980’s USA team

What else could have been #1? At a time where America was in a rut, the Russians were a world power and their hockey team was considered unbeatable. A group of college kids went out there and beat the best hockey team in the f***ng world. An eruption broke out in the stadium of Lake Placid. This wasn’t just a win for USA Hockey this was a win for America as a whole.


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