Ah yeah girls this ones for you. Once this quarantine is up, a ladies night is an absolute must! I’m not talking a charcuterie board with some aged Cabernet. Nay… I’m talking about some Bridesmaids type shit. I hope these bars have insurance because the girls are about to paint the town in coats of mother freaking red.

Maybe you just got dumped? maybe you’re pissed off at your boyfriend because he would rather play fortnight with the boys than a romantic evening in your arms? Maybe you’re a lioness out there hunting some Lion Mane ass. I know not but whatever your reasoning behind shoving 12 tequila shots down your throat and making some bad decisions….. this playlist is a staple in your night. Check it out on Spotity herehttps://open.spotify.com/playlist/0QZFe5JY3rR8QXcWRpcXFW?si=71nWITedSQumM9Xq36DtAg! Let’s go girls!

*These are in no specific order

Hollaback Girl

Uh huh this my shit all the girls want to be like this. No night can be considered a success without this tasty tune coming on. Preach Gwen Preach!


Single Ladies

Make the ex of yours know what he’s missing. Blast this song on the jukebox and be sure to Instagram live it for the whole world because EVERYBODY needs to see how much fun you’re having without him!


So What

This is one of my favorite tunes of all time and I identify myself as a male. The ultimate “I don’t friggin need you” song. Years later and our girl P!nk is still a rock star.


Girls Just want to have fun

I feel like I am back in 2nd grade watching Jennifer Gardner in 13 going on 30. For any night out with the betches, this song is an absolute must, nay, a commandment because after all, girls just want to have fun.



Our girl Katy is a fearless mama and she leads the jungle in this tasty lick. Play this at any bar that has a plethora of recently broken up ladies and watch the empowerment blossom. You go Glen Coco.


A Thousand Miles

This one is perfect to either start the night off or end it. Just an all around great classic for the girls.


Since You’ve Been Gone

The ultimate break up song right here. Grab your gang and head to a karaoke bar to belt that heart out. Again, be sure you post to this to IG live so everyone knows how much better you’re doing without him.


Man! I Feel Like A Woman

This is the GOAT of the playlist. Shania Twain is a national treasure and her voice could cure a thousand giants with corona-virus. This is an absolute sing a long Jam that should be played at the very least, 4-5 times throughout your night on the town. Let’s go girls!


Shake it off

Another Taylor Swift song about a breakup, shocker. Yet, another beautifully crafted tune by the queen herself. Honestly, you could throw most of T Swifts albums on this playlist. Taylor Swift Gang or die.


Dancing Queen

Abba is indeed that bitch. This is one of the greatest musical tones of our life. Absolute banger right here bud’s. Grab the girls, some Marg’s and dance queens, dance!


We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together


T swift makes the list once more with another break up song that ignites any atmosphere. The song tittle is self explanatory. WE ARE NEVER GETTING BACK TOGETHER despite the scientific fact that over 50% of couples do in fact get back together. It’s Science.

Check back next week for the “I just got Dumped” Playlist.