Father Time is undefeated, just  ask any athlete. He is a foe too many but does have one friend or ally.

Rainbow flip flops…. made to last and welcome Father Time with open arms.

“Oh this leather tong is irritating you Toes, well why don’t you walk 5.6 miles to a tiki bar and the sandal will become part of your foot.” Says an uncultured imbecile

Yes I’ll admit, they hurt like shit starting out but that’s when Papa Time becomes on your side.

Think of all the (during a non quarantine period) socializing, drinking, and bar hopping you do over a summer. While you’re having all that fun…. guess whose doing their gosh damn job taking no summer nights off?

Rainbow flip flops and Father Time working hand in hand leather become flesh and flesh becoming leather

So yes my rainbow are run down and ratty with memories.

When I see my rainbows I  think of how much I worked them in….. being dragged out of bars by bouncers, clipped my toes while riding mopeds, that one time a Camry love tapped on a bike ride, drunken bike crashes, stealing random public property, a dance contest for a piece of pizza with a homeless outside a Daytona pizza parlor or when I throw them at people are just some examples of the nostalgia I feel when I look down at these beat up flops.

You may see crusty worn down Leather but I  see me carrying my girlfriends of 3 years (so this isn’t creepy) limp body a half mile down the street on my 21st birthday and failed piggy back ride at the local bar ended with her being unconscious.