Breakups suck. If you’ve never had your heart ripped out and submerged into a bucket of tears, this article is not for you. Cupid has yet to strike your heart with the arrow of seduction and love. For the rest of you sad souls out there, you all know heartbreaks all too well. Some of us handle it the mature way…. by analyzing what went wrong and improving yourself in hopes to come out of the situation an all around better person.

That’s option A.

The majority of us choose option B where we get entirely too drunk for a few months and cry ourselves to sleep every night using our tears as lubricant. For the option B crowd, this playlist is for you. Here is your ultimate “I got dumped” Playlist that will turn those tears into oceans. You may want to invest in a snorkel to navigate your way out of your bedroom. Here’s to getting dumped. Enjoy, I guess.

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Someone Like You

Such a sad melody but dammit what a beautiful voice. Keep telling yourself you’ll find someone just like your ex.


Jar of Hearts


Wow this one is really depressing. Like curl up in a bawl, thrown on Nikki Fm and scream my lungs out depressing. Sheesh!



My Immortal


Topping the last song, this takes the cake at #1 for saddest song out there. I could flood the city of Saint Pete with my steaming tears after listening to this sorrowful tune


Everybody Hurts


Indeed my friend, everybody hurts….. especially after you get dumped.


I will Always Love you


My girl Whitney fails to keep my eyes dry once again. And in the words of the late Houston…..Remember, crack is for poor people.


Don’t Speak


The Pre Blake Shelton days when Gwen was heartbroken like the rest of us. SHHHH, don’t speak, not a damn word.


With or Without You


Relationships. Can’t live with them, can’t live without them. Love is a mysterious fish


Fix You


ColdPlay baby. Responsible for getting me through any hardship. They are so sad yet so good. Nothing says dejection like some sad Coldplay.


I will Remember you


You may know this tune from the despairing dog adoption commercials. Those commercials make me sob like my dad was spanking me again. This song will too.


Un-Break My heart


Toni Braxton delivers the tears full tilt in this downcast song. There’s no Un-breaking the human heart, eh?


Big Girls Don’t Cry

Maybe Big girls don’t cry but I’ll tell you what, this big boy certainly does


Don’t Bother

Our girl Shakira brings out the tear works on this saucy song


I miss You



Swing Swing

Another Emo song to cry yourself to sleep. Did you think I would cry, over the phone?


Fall For you

Seems like the other day I was just getting broken up with under the middle school bleachers.



The original artist who made us feel pain. This isn’t a break up song, it’s one you play at a funeral.


Let her Go


Another song about a guy not appreciating a girl until she’s gone. Story of our lives.

There you have it Jockeys, the most depressing playlist on the market. Put that tears to use.

Stay tuned for next weeks Playlist.