So the Pentagon releases a UFO video and no one seems to care. I’m not gonna go so far as to say I’m upset, but more or less disappointed, and that may even be an understatement. Now I understand there are some other pressing issues occurring worldwide at this time, namely that bitch of a virus which happens to be named after a delicious beer, but still. Is this not the big break that we’ve been looking for?? I mean for pete’s sake, a Facebook event that was intended to storm area 51 was front-page news for a month, and now we have our confirmation and no one gives a shit! The United States Government, like the real Government confirmed multiple videos of UFO’s and everyone is just acting like that it didn’t happen. I for one will not stand aside and be a part of the problem. As a proud member of the conspiracy theory elites, this certainly calls for a chance to dust off the old tin foil cap.

Those who have yet to see the short video can do so below. While the video may be short and grainy at best, the real prize here is in the release and confirmation.


Sure you can argue that the video does not show much besides a fast flying apparatus and has been available for a couple years, but you can tell from the people filming that it is clearly something they have not seen before. And the fact that the Pentagon is willing to release it to the public and confirm that it is unaware of exactly what the object was, is a giant Win for the conspirators.



The question remains, what is the object? Is it some sort of drone or spying device developed by another country? Possibly, but unlikely. Does it confirm that we are not the only life form living in this galaxy? Possibly, but not enough evidence quite yet. What it does confirm however, is that there is more out there then what meets the eye. The Government is finally beginning to let down its guard in terms of what they are willing to tell us in terms of extra terrestrial life, and this could be the start of more information that will flow to the citizens. Naturally, there is a very large number of people that have already believed this for years, but still. I urge you to do the research for yourself and make your own determinations.

Of course, the flip side of this argument is that the Government was willing to confirm this video at this time because either A: they know people are pre-occupied and would not pay it much mind, or B: they were hoping it would distract us from other issues that they are trying to cover up. But thats a story for another time…in the meantime, stay woke my folk.



full disclaimer: I’d like to confirm at this time that I do not have any food allergies and have no intentions of disappearing anytime soon. So if anything were to happen to me, I give full permission to turn me into a hashtag. #LookIntoIt




Written by Jonner