I can only imagine when the grim reaper comes knocking on your door, no one is typically thrilled. Dying sucks moose balls. Weather you die an old man naked in your bed or get your eyes crushed in like a pair of grapes by the Mountain…… it’s all shitty. Be that as it may, some deaths hit much harder than others. In the world of television, some deaths hit so hard you can’t even continue the show. Hollywood has a wonderful way of drawing you into a character and then murdering them. Hollywood is a cold bitch mother. Anyways, here are the 15 most heart wrecking deaths in television history.

15. Deb Morgan (Dexter)

Deb Morgan is a tough one. At times she was annoying as shit but in the end, she was the only character that was truly there for Dexter. Her death hits hard as she tragically dies from Dexter pulling the plug. It’s fitting the man she always secretly loved is the one who puts her out of her misery. As Dexter lowers her in the water, it’s a grim scene as the show says goodbye to it’s longest tenured character along with Dexter.


14. Derek (Grey’s Anatomy)

I don’t watch this trash show and how could I even start, there’s like 19 f**ng seasons. Anyways, I heard this was a tough one so I would be remissed not to add it.


13. Ragnar Lothbrok (Vikings)

It still shocks me that a vast amount of people have yet to watch this masterpiece of a show. It’s essentially Game of Thrones with out all the titties and dismemberment. Despite great ratings, Vikings killed off their main character, Ragnar, in Season 4 and all Viking fans were livid. I have not seen a character portrayed so well in a television show ever. Nothing worse than being dropped into a crate of poisonous venomous snakes and being bitten to death. But hey, that’s Mid evil baby. RIP RAGNAR.



12. John Shelby (Peaky Blinders)

It’s about time this show starts getting the popularity it deserves. In the wake of Season 4, one of the main characters, beautiful John is killed on Christmas in front of his home. It hits hard as he was a beloved bad ass Shelby but more so, he left behind a liter of kids. RIP john, by the orders of the Peaky Blinders


11. The Viper (Game Of Thrones)

If you have not watched this show, I’m sure you’ve still heard about the most grotesque death scene of all time. The sweet prince got his head literally crushed in like two grapes run over by a car. Just when you thought Oberyn got the best of the Mountain, GOT does what they do best…. crush your soul like Oberyn’s head. I still can’t watch this scene.



10. Jimmy Darmody (Boardwalk Empire)

Another vastly underrated show on HBO which hones in on the history of Prohibition. In season 2, fan favorite Jimmy was killed off out of nowhere. This death slaps hard as the show not only lost it’s best character but the scene flashes back to Jimmy’s days in the trenches of Word War 1 which is a common theme of the show. Jimmy’s final trench.


9. Richard Harrow (Boardwalk Empire)

Much like his best friend above, the show spared no defense as they killed off arguably even a larger fan favorite in the half faced sniper just two seasons later. One of the saddest scenes as the viewer think the marksman survived his wounds, returned to his bride to be and life went on. However, because HBO is HBO… they show a panoramic of him dead, alone under the boardwalk with his lover waiting for a man never to show.



8. Omar- The Wire

Another HBO masterpiece who decided to kill off one of their fan favorites. HB0 IS F***NG CRUEL.


7. Ray Velcro (True Detective season 2)

True Detective season 2 was an absolute disaster in terms of the story line. However, good acting made it a very watchable show. Collin Farrell portrayed Ray Velcro flawlessly and raw. His death doesn’t sit well with the audience as his last words to his son are never sent to him via voice message.



6. Jax / Tara Teller (Sons of Anarchy)

Yes I roped these too together as they were one. Tara’s death was probably the most gruesome and most unexpected. Jax’s, you knew that death was coming but regardless, the main character driving into a semi truck is still going to sting like the clap.




5. Hank (Breaking Bad)

Breaking Bad spared no tears when it came to death scenes and Hank was a tough one to swallow because all he wanted to do was retire and brew his own beer. Instead, he finds himself tangled up in his brother in laws drug enterprise and takes a bullet for it.


4. Opie (Sons of Anarchy)

Another Anarchy death make the list. Sure he was not as big of a character as Jax nor Tara but he was arguably the most beloved character. His death was gruesome as he is beaten to death by prison inmates with pipes.


3. Hodor- (Game of Thrones)

HOLD THE DOOR! This is by far the saddest scene for a character who did not absorb much screen time. In terms of death, GOT is probably the cruelest and they really punched us in the nut sack with this one. Whose cutting damn onions in here?


2. Rita (Dexter)

God I wanted to puke when they killed off Rita. Just why? She was the purest character and this sick show had her bleed out in a bath tub like some farm animal. Dexter is a phenomenal show but they almost lost me on this death. You deserved better RITA.


  1. Rob Stark (Game of Thrones)

Alas we are at the finale. I f***ng vomited after they killed off the true king in the North. I tweeted at HBO death threats for a solid month after the “red wedding” transpired. Not only do they just kill the prince that was promised…. they kill his mother, his wife and her unborn child. However, I should have expected nothing less than this heartless show. RIP Rob, the true King in the North.