Day 1 of Life is Good

*A satire based series on the Facebook trend of “life is good.” Join in as Blogger, Clarky reminisces on the worst years of his life while imprisoned at the Titz Carlton.

My P.O.V from June 2012 10:02 A.M.

Today is a great day and let me tell you, life is so freaking good. I woke up on the couch covered in what could only be identified as my own urine. As I stumble to the puked filled sink to grab a glass of the yellow well water… I’ve come to the conclusion the only way to rid myself of my hangover and the earth quaking headache that follows is to drink. What got me in this current pickle is unfortunately the only thing that will get me out.

Being I am employed by Nautica in the dreadful summer of 2012 and only work 3.5 hours per week, I’m free to do as I please except for Tuesdays at 3 as Comp 1 Summer class begins. Being It’s so hot out, a day in the pool would suffice. However, my account has $6.87 in it so no funds for a pool. Guess filling up the truck with well water will suffice. Life is good.

One quick call to the boys and like an R Kelly music video, there’s 6 guys in my house peeing their pants.

“We should invite some girls over.”- Miles

“We don’t know any girls, Miles.”

*3 hours later and 6 RC Cola’s and Skol Vodka’s later……


(Rare photo of 3 San Carlos Residents in peak performance)

” Man, these RC cola’s and SKOL really hit the spot!.” 

“This is better than the pool!”

” Who needs girls, we have each other!”

2 hours later more guest arrive! More guys.


” We should drive around town in this!”

For legal purposes we do not have the picture for this home.

Just another Sunny Day in San Carlos Park. Man, Life is GOOD!

Stay tuned for the next “Life is Good”