My Hairlines Going Back but My Eyes Are Staying Forward

James Piccard, Steve Wilkos, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The principals from Phill of the future, Zydrunas Ilgauskas, most 90’s basketball players……

What do these brave endearing men have in common? Fresh shaven domes. Heads so bald they should be sponsored by turtle wax. Ladies and gentlemen, I need to inform you in a certain amount of years I too, will be bald. I found It out during my bi-yearly trip to Great clips. what I thought was a butchered hack job by some art teacher , was actually life taking course. Trixie did the best she could do and I love her like the mother f****g Teresa. As the picture attached you can it’s not a lot of 5 head but the process has begun.

Maybe this is an overreaction and way to deal with my 1/4 life crisis but it’s got me rattled. “Don’t be fearful of the big giant Excalibur sword, be afraid of the small slippery dagger that slips between the ribs and guts you” that dagger is my male onset receding hairline. I can’t wait to go full bald grow a goatee and join as many far right Facebook groups as I can. Going to go watch XXX with Vin Diesel and think about my possible future.

Until next time my bald brothers.