Oh, what I would do to be 7 years old again rocking out to the “Thong Song” in 1999 again. No Job, no  pandemic. Just me, my diaper and a can of Flintstones vitamins. Back in the 2000’s times we’re swell. We had a vast selection of provocative teen comedies to choose from. Now days, films lack that luster to captivate the audience. They just try to recycle shit from the past and hope we don’t notice. Anyways, below are my top 10 teen comedies you should binge the shit out of.


American Pie series

Absolute staple in all 90’s kids lives. It made us question our puberty urges and that pie isn’t just strictly for consumption.

Sex Drive


One of the must underrated films of the 2000’s. Absolute knee slapper with a whole lot of boobies.

Van Wilder


Ryan Reynolds as a 7th year senior. What more could you want?




This bad boy debuted in 2005 and changed the course of high school/college comedy forever.


Fast times at Ridgemont High



One of the first comedies ordained towards the youth. If you have not seen this masterpiece, do yourself a favor and get educated you uncultured swine.


Dazed and Confused

Another movie about high school kids getting fricked up and feeling friction in their jeans. Alright Alright Alright




This is for all of you kids who never got accepted into a college. Like most, you probably just bummed cigarettes, drank too much and went to community college. This movie, they create their own college. Bold move cotton


Road Trip

A group of collegiate guys go on a trip to break up with their girlfriend. What could go wrong?


Euro Trip

A boy heading off to college travels to Europe to meet his long last pen pal. I love a good romance story.


Animal House

The GOAT of all of these films. You are an absolute disgrace to society if you have not seen this masterpiece. TOGA!