Welcome back to another segment of Cinema with Clarky. Last week we dove into the realm of teen comedies such as American Pie. This week, we venture into movies that leave you with “what the shit just happened and why am I so aroused?” Okay, maybe not the arousing part but these movies below captivate you with each twist, turn and earth shattering plot twists. Below are my favorite mind f**k movies on the market. What got left off the list? Let us know in the comments below.



This movie is an absolute mind pork. It penetrates your cerebrum and pokes it until you’re left empty and unsatisfied much like the majority of us in life. Did he actually make it back home? Did the spinner ever stop spinning? Nobody knows except for Christopher friking Nolan.


Gone Girl

Have you ever thought about getting married? Are you married? Did you buy a ring? This movie will make you rethink the concept of marriage. Image wedding the women of your dreams then she fakes her own death and frames you? Then again, Ben Affleck was a piece of garbage and cheated on her so maybe faking your own death and framing was warranted? I know not, however,  Call me old fashioned but a simple divorce would have sufficed.

Shutter Island

Another mind bang starring none other than Leo himself. Turn out, the mother f***er was crazy the whole time.


Get Out


This movie will make you question the ole “meet and greet” with the girlfriends parents.


American Physcho


I still have no idea what actually happened in this film. All I know is Jared Leto took an axe to the face.




This film created some vast buzz at the Oscars this year and became a must watch from there on out. If you can get over the language barrier, this movie is an absolute thriller with a twist no one would guess. Truth be told, if this wasn’t a Korean based film…. it  would have won every award… thats’ how good it is


The Butterfly Effect


An oldie but an absolute goodie. Ashton Kutcher graduates from Kelso to a dramatic man who has the ability to morph back into his old memories. Turn out when you f**k with the past, it effects the future. Who would have thought?


Fight Club


First rule of Fight Club? Don’t spoil the damn ending.

There you have it you uncultured swines. Be sure to pop in next week where I ramble on about some other stupid shit.