Do me a favor and give the below video a quick watch.


Did you feel that? Is there a rumbling in your belly or maybe its deep down in your plums? But either way something is TINGLING, and if you don’t get excited after hearing that song then I can’t help you. Long story short, after being deprived from sports for what seems like an eternity now, I have decided to revolt. I am looking ahead to the upcoming Steelers season and making sure that everyone is aware, this is our year.



Don’t believe me? Well give this video a watch…


Now tell me that is not a man on a mission!!! For all those people and media members who said he was washed and fat, Big Ben is back baby! I couldn’t be more excited for this and the fact that the narrative is that he is on a revenge tour, is beyond comical and magical to me all at once. Ben is back, the elbow looks healthy and he is not the same weight as a beluga whale? That sounds like a major win to me. A few months ago I might have called bullshit, but the proof is in the pudding.

Leave it to Ben Roethlisberger to use his injury and offseason as a giant drama show that entailed him not shaving until he could complete his first pass, but I’ll be damned he has done it again. Stolen the heart of every yinzer and convinced them (myself included, though that isn’t all that difficult) that we are destined for a final run for at old glory.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t over the moon excited for this season, even if that means massive disappointment. All that matters is that the NFL is on track to start on time and hopefully the Pittsburgh Steelers will be playing football again this fall. As long as that happens, fans or no fans, I will consider it a giant victory and never take it for granted again (until of course they have their first heartbreaking loss, in which case I will once again swear off football till at least the next Sunday).

Go Damn Steelers!