I didn’t think I would need to address this, but now that it’s a trending story, I must. I have a job to do and duties to perform. As it turns out Benjamin Roethlisberger is mortal after all. I know, I know, throughout his career there has been a lot of questions given all the things that he has endured during his majestic career in Pittsburgh. Big Ben has come back from some gruesome injuries only to lead us to ultimate victory and continue the questions of: is he really human?


And as it turns out if you’ve read the most recent ESPN article, then you can most definitely tell that he is human after all. If you don’t know what I’m talking about feel free to check it out at the link here. In a recent interview, Ben Roethlisberger opens up about some of his off the field struggles for the first time, including being addicted to porn and alcohol. Turns out not only is he human, but he has a lot more in common with most yinzers than anyone realized. The fact that this was the case should not come to much of a surprise to any casual fan, as the large majority of his most loyal folk tend to over indulge in these said activities each and every Sunday as they watch him go to work. The part of the story that gathered my attention though, was how he spoke about revenge. Ben knows he is the on the last leg of his career, and I’m sure he would be the first to tell you that these last few seasons have been somewhat of a nightmare. But that nightmare, if he has anything to do about it, is about to end. 


So as it stands, I’m glad that we have a leader that can own up to his mistakes. A leader that is so willing to be transparent and admit fault, that he is not worried about how he will be portrayed in the media, only to share some of his own struggles in hopes of helping others. It’s very clear that big Ben has grown not only as a leader but as a person since his time in Pittsburgh. It’s been a beautiful sight to see from this shaggy haired kid who came from central Ohio in his early 20s slinging the pigskin for the Steelers to watch him mature into a full-blown leader who is willing to admit his mistakes and learn from them. Revenge season is upon us. It’s very clear right now that Big Ben is looking to go out with a bang and I can’t wait to see what’s in store,. If you’re anything like me you’re excited for this new season start, so consider the rest of the league on official notice. In the meantime, tune in next week as we take a more lighthearted approach to some of these addictions Ben highlighted. As always, Go Damn Stee’s!