As COVID numbers continue to spike, more and more states are mandating that people wear masks. All across social media, you’ll see stories of people absolutely losing their sh*t. Yes wearing a mask can be a pain in the ass for some socialites. I personally love the fact that I can go in public completely disguised with the added excuse to stay away from people. I also realize I might have resting bitch eyes so most people might think I’m being an asshole. I mean, I am, I’m just not trying to be in that moment. Whether you agree to the rule or not, here’s some tips to help you thrive in quarantine.

1. Watch What You Eat

You might notice that the facemask becomes a hot box of your breath. If your breath is nasty, then wearing a mask can be a terrible time. If you know you’re going to be wearing a mask, you might want to layoff off the stinky foods like onions and garlic. if you’re like me and you cook almost every meal with garlic, laying off the stinky foods might be easier said than done. Backup plan is to take a quick hit of mouthwash before putting on the mask. This isn’t to impress the people around you, it’s to stop tormenting your nostrils. If you don’t have to breath in a cloud of bad breath, you might find wearing a mask more enjoyable.

2. Talk With Your Hands

Most people don’t know sign language so that may not help you here. Instead, employ the age old Italian technique of speaking with animated hand gestures. These hand motions don’t translate to any know language, but they definitely get the message across, especially if you’re feeling muted by your mask. If done correctly, you can communicate clear messages as well as emotions. At the very least, you might just work out your arms and help shred some of the quarantine 15 you’ve gained. Not sure what do with your hands? Well you can’t go wrong with the hippy classic peace sign.

3. Speak With Your Eyes

Blank stares can get you through your grocery trip unnoticed, but if talking to someone it could send the message that you’re not listening. Flex those eyebrows and eyelids to show some emotion. Squint to show focus. Arch those eyebrows if angry and raise them up to show joy. You’re probably wondering, “Is it ok to wink?” Absolutely! You should be winking now more than ever. Nothing says, “I come in peace” more than a friendly wink. if you can’t wink, then don’t bother. You’ll just get the cops called on you for being a creep.

4. Go For Comfort

It’s not the infringement on human rights that’s making people want to avoid the masks. It’s the damn string from the mask digging into their ear. It may feel comfortable at first but after 10 minutes it feels like a piece of razor wire trying to slice your ear off. After masks started selling out, people started making and selling their own all over the internet. They may not be as effective but if you can, find a premium mask that’ll be more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time.

5. Customize Your Facemask

For all you pretty folks who are struggling during a time when you have to cover your greatest asset, try to customize your facemask. This will help you draw attention to yourself like you normally would with your pretty face. Even if your face can’t light up the room, maybe your mask can. For the uggo’s out there who would normally not get a second a look or make people cry with your ugliness, this is your time to shine. Let your beautiful personality shine through your mask and use this time wisely to trick people into liking you.

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