You might have seen a new trend on social media where people film their reactions to Netflix’s new movie “Gaspar Noe’s Love”. Most people are shocked, some disgusted, some proud of the actors’ bravery. While you can’t see the actual opening scene they are watching, the reactions alone are enough to generate curiosity. I’m actually quite weak when it comes to temptation, so the other night me and my fiance decided to finally watch the movie. Here were 20 thoughts we had as we watched:

  1. Wait, hold up, did we pick the right movie?
  2. We’re still on Netflix right?
  3. That’s really a dick we’re seeing?
  4. So they’re legit doing it right now?
  5. Why is there so much hair?
  6. Looks like the moneyshot is coming, there’s no way they’d show that though.
  7. Wait, are they gonna show it?
  8. Ooooooo my lord, I can’t believe they just showed it.
  9. How is this Netflix?!
  10. The opening scene is over, do we listen to the words and keep watching or should we put on another movie?
  11. Let’s fast forward to the next sex scene
  12. There’s a lot of sex scenes, you sure this isn’t a porno?
  13. Oh his thing is out again, where’s he gonna stick that?
  14. Ohhh there. We probably would have seen that coming if we listened to the words.
  15. How is this not a porno?
  16. Am I supposed to be turned on?
  17. Babe, is mine bigger?
  18. So Netflix watched this dude blow a load on screen and was like “Yeah this’ll work?”
  19. Is this the only porno on Netflix or did others slip through the cracks?
  20. This movie sucks but it’s still way better than Uncut Gems


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