Quarantine has forced a lot of us to get creative with how we spend our free time locked inside. A majority of people, including me, have spent most of this time binging every series on Netflix. Some other people have decided to use this time to mastering a new hobby. For one of our own featured writers, Hey-Money, this time has been spent cooking.

After weeks of cooking the same old recipes or ordering take out, HeyMoney had decided she was ready for a change. In the midst of quarantine, she decided to expand her pallet and actually try to learn some new techniques. Armed with her favorite cookbooks and websites, not to mention an arsenal of impressive cooking tools, she’s cooking new recipes every night and documenting it along the way. She’s only a few weeks in and already she’s given us some amazing new recipes. Her site is more than just some tasty food pics, she also breaks down each recipe to make it easy to replicate at home.

You all know we love food here at Office Jockeys, so when we say this is the best source for delicious recipes on the internet, we mean it. Quit spending hours scouring the internet for your next recipe. Treat your tastebuds to something special by subscribing her site Monica’s Test Kitchen and following Instagram @monicastestkitchen.

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