Although it’s far from official, it seems the NFL will most likely play this season without fans and gosh dammit I am glad. No, not because of my fear of corona. Primarily because I won’t have to buy 4 flights to Charlotte this year to watch the abysmal of a team this substandard squad has become. I’m tired of watching them lose. No more Cam, Luke or third leg Greg. Sure, you could argue it was time for a fresh start to move on from the franchise’s most successful player of all time, Newton. To a point, I will absolutely agree, the Panthers are in a rebuild and the ghost of kitty kat’s past could hinder the culture Matt Rhule is trying to instill. I can even understand the thought process in letting my bearded prince Olsen walk. But dammit, Luke retiring sent us from a fringe team into an absolute f**ng rebuild on a mother fricking Tuesday. I can sit and dwell in the past but nay, let’s try to inject some positive vibes into the veins of Charlotte.

Okay, I got nothing, we’re going to suck next year.

Here’s the deal, the Cats are being dealt a shitty hand coming into 2020. They are in the most stacked division hands down. Drew Bree’s, Tom Brady, Matt Ryan and wait for it….. our very own Teddy two gloves Bridgewater. Yeah, 3 hall of fame QB’s and we have the backup behind Bree’s. Be that as it may, I have faith in Teddy Two Gloves. I’ll praise the accolades Cam brought Carolina and the fans are ever in debt to bringing this franchise from out of the lurch. However, take away the 2015-2016 season and inconsistency was a major factor. Taking far too long to get the ball off and always trying to make the extra play. Sometimes it payed off, others not so much and turnover/sacks were a result. With Teddy Two Gloves…. he’s just going to get the ball off, check it down field and make the smart play by delivering the ball into the athletes hands. The only peak of light shining through this dark 2020 is the weapons on offense the Panthers have this season. Again, something sadly Cam never truly had was a prolific set of athletes. His best weapons were Alligator arms Funchees and 300 pound Bo Bo Benjamin. Teddy Two Gloves has himself Dj Moore, Curtis Samuel, Robby Anderson and the best running back in the league, CMC. If Ian Thomas can fill in for Greg, we have a scary offense. Problem is, we’re going to have to win games 49-47 as our defense has more holes than the Iraqi Navy. It’s not going to be pretty but I am a stalwart fan and will bleed that god awful blue until I’m 6 feet under which may be very soon with all the shit going on right now.

Here’s my prediction of how the Panthers will play out this year.

Raiders- Win 

Buc’s- Win 

Chargers- loss

Cardinals- Win

Falcons- Loss

Bears- Win

Saints- BIG LOSS

Falcons- Loss

Chiefs- Might as well forfeit 

Bucs- Loss

Lions- Win

Vikings- Loss

Broncos- Win 

Packers- Loss

Redskins- Win

Saints- Win because f**k Sean Payton

Holy shit did we just go 8-8!!!! Never mind, we’re going to the gosh damn Super Bowl!

Kitty kats let’s go! Keep Pounding Baby!