When I was turning 21, I fantasized about waking up the morning of my birthday surrounded by beautiful women. After hours of love making we would go to a bar and drink legally. This year I turn 30 and the fantasy was a little different. I’m at the age now where staying in and eating excites me more than going out to bars and if speaking honestly, booze filled orgies just seem like a lot of work.

Instead, this year I fantasized about waking up to see if I got the Instant Pot Air Fryer I’d been hinting at to family for months. Sure enough, my genie had granted my wish. I unwrapped the paper to find the Air Fryer I had longed for and I’m not ashamed to admit I was more excited than a kid on Christmas.

If you think my excitement for a cooking gadget was excessive, then you clearly don’t have one of your own. The air fryer is the most advanced and versatile piece of equipment in our kitchen. It has 4 features: Air Fry, Bake, Reheat, and Roast. All you need to do is select the function, select the temp and how long you want it to run, then the air fryer will guide you the rest of the way. It takes seconds to preheat, tells you when to add the food, and even tells you when to flip for the perfect even fry.

The best part: No oil is needed. This means you get crispy fried goods without the mess of oil splattering all over your kitchen. The absence of oil makes the food less greasy and therefore somewhat healthier. Also, if you’ve never bought oil before, it’s silly expensive. Cutting out that ingredient saves you money making this the toy that pays for itself over time.

Imagine making fries that have the perfect amount of crisp. Imagine wings that are better than any restaurant you’ve ever visited that are both juicy and crispy.  Imagine reheating leftovers back to the same quality they were the night before. The sky is the limit with this machine. We all know everything is better fried, so invest in an Air Fryer and make fried foods part of your daily diet.

When you finally buy your own Instant Pot Vortex Air Fryer, check out the life changing Garlic Parmesan Wings recipe from our featured writer Hey-Money.


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