It’s been no secret, I’ve always had my suspicions regarding Facebooks leader. To be more specific, what’s under that cerebrum of pasty, alabaster skin. Is he a robot or a lizard? Maybe he’s something really cool I don’t even know about. Regardless, he’s done himself no favors in regards to proving he’s in fact one of us. Despite creating the worlds largest social media platform for people to interact on…. he continues to raise questions on if he’s a real person. The irony is beautiful. Did you see the most recent photo of him surfing? And by surfing, I mean he was riding his electronic board over water…


Mark Zuckerburg is not Human

Either his skin is literally melting off from the baking sun or he put on entirely too much sunscreen. It’s just plain creepy….Like Buffalo Bill putting lotion in the basket creepy. Between drinking water like a lizard

or his cringe worthy meat smoking video…..

too many questions remain at large surrounding Mark. While I dive deeper into the lurch for answers, here’s a list of everything Mark looks like in the photo above.

  • The volleyball from Castaway

  • The Joker


  •  Mrs. Doubt fire with Shaving cream

  • Queen Elizabeth

  • Phantom of the Opera

  • The Ghost of Spirited Away

  • Casper

  • Edward Scissor Hands