If you’re reading this article, chances are, you’re a lot like me in terms of your job. Stuck in that “awkward stage” of employment. You’ve been with the job for a couple years now, the same job that took a chance on you right out of college. For any young buck that is fresh off the mayflower of employment, I believe you owe it to the company to spend at least a year there. That is plenty of time to adjust to post grad life and figure out if this job is for you or not. I remember like it was yesterday, coming home to my mom and yelling “F**k this, I can’t work there.”  She said “shut the hell up or I’ll throw you out on the street like yesterdays meatloaf.”

4 years later and here I am still working for the man. Post grad life takes some vast adjustments, so don’t jump the gun right away on throwing in your two weeks.

However, there will come a time where you will need to further advance yourself in the 9 to 5 life. Maybe you’re now at that point where you need to decided weather this first job of yours is a mere stepping stone to another career…. Or maybe you’re in it for the long haul and as they say “Company man/woman”

I just hit 4 years at my job the other day and I didn’t know weather to cry or take a week’s vacation. As you dive further into your career, you realize that you’re no longer the cute, naive college kid that can get away with shit because you’re young. Nay, I am now 4 years old within the company and ceiling of expectations is vastly higher and the consequences are greater if I fail to complete a task. Career years are a lot like dog years… I may have been only here for 4 years, however, management chalks that up to 28. The room for error is marginal and excuses are like butt holes.. we all have them.

I am now in the “awkward” employment stage. Do I attempt to transcend into a higher management role within my company? Or do I take my 4 years of experience, join a fun, thriving startup company where we drink 7.8% west coast IPA’s at lunch while taking a 40 K pay cut?

Where does one young professional go from here? Maybe you’re in a similar pickle as I. Maybe you’re not and you absolutely love where you are headed within your respected career… and for that I hate you but also congrats.

For starters, I am thankful for being employed and that my company took a massive leap of faith and hired this sarcastic 23-year-old right of college who may or may have not called out on his first post grad Friday and took an entire week to go on “post grad spring break” because spring break is forever.

As many of you may unfortunately know, being employed is not a right nor a given, especially in such times we are living in. For that, I owe my post grad experience to this job and am forever thankful. Be that as it may, when you stay within a company for an extended period of time… I think self reflection and growth within your company is absolutely necessary. After all, everyone’s goal in life is to continue to progress so we can retire as soon as f**ng possible and drink White Claw’s pool side all day.

Whatever career you may be in, at some point, you will most likely experience some form of stagnant growth. Weather you have maxed out the ceiling of your current role or feel your company does not see you in a more complex role than what you are currently serving… this is the time for reflection. Sit down with your management and express your desire to either move up in the company or ask “Where do I go from here and do you see me having a substantial role within this company?” These are all questions I think you should inquire with your job before pulling the trigger and looking elsewhere for opportunities.


Who knows, your company could come back with a personal plan and the steps they want out of you to achieve this. Maybe, they wont have much insight for you and if in the event this is the case, at least you have closure to begin your job search. Whatever you are struggling with at work or pondering upon, life is too damn short to be stuck in a dead end job counting the hours until the almighty 5. Either express your desire to move up or move on and chase that American dream. Get off your ass jockeys and make the most of your young career. Hang in there my cubicle crusaders, we’re only one day from Friday baby.