Another week, another hungover Tuesday with explosive DADTS (day after drinking shits) in the cubicle. Does anyone else wake up every Monday under the impression they have Covid? Hangovers don’t get any easier. Anyways, football is back and it’s in full freaking force. Last week we saw the mighty giant Tom Brady fall short. Well, I guess he must have sucked tongue with his kids this week as he blew my Panthers booty hole wide open like Moe’s Monday. Tom Brady turned the Panthers Defense into swiss cheese. The Cinderella story that was Teddy Bridgewater (aka teddy 2 gloves aka teddy time aka teddy the terrific) came to full fold as the pumpkin revealed itself the first drive. I have yet to lose faith in Teddy but my faith in the season is over. CMC not only exposed his bologna pony in his photo shoot this week… he also is now out 4-6 weeks with a high ankle sprain.

I suppose when you get paid 16 million and date a smoke show… you get talked into glee ridden photo shoots like this. Make no mistake about it, this team is the Bengals without CMC and let me make this clear if I have yet to. THE TANK IS OFFICIALLY ON! TANK FOR TREVOR campaign has begun. We got pizza face Herbert and the west coast Chargers next week and it’s too bad they don’t have any actual fans because they’re going to poke holes in our defense like it’s a Lifestyles banana flavored condom. The Tank is On and my liver is quivering. Anyways, check out ” Sir Purr’s” video below #Keeppounding