At Office Jockeys, we always make it a point never to dive into the greasy realm that is politics. That is, unless we are comparing politicians to vegetables but that’s just for content purposes. That being said, we won’t be discussing any of the candidates nor what issues we would like to be brought up at the debates. This is merely a dream candidate scenario on who we would love to see mediate these debates.


Joe Rogan

The number one podcaster in the world actually made some waves this month in terms that he might ask the hard-hitting questions. I actually think he would be pretty good but then again, I went to FGCU so what the f**k do I know?

Cardi B

Plot twist, she must only use the lyrics from WAP when asking questions.

Ryan Reynolds

With his witty Canadian humor, he would make this election even more of a spectacle than it already is.


A wizards Wit would be far too much for this debate I am afraid.

Kayne West

I don’t even need to give this man an intro. This would be epic.


Could you imagine if he mediated his own debate? Absolute golden content.

Randy Jackson

Its’ been a minute since we’ve seen him.

Betty White

Because she’s the best.

The Night King from GOT

Maybe he’ll do us all a favor and take over the world.