Welcome to Dilfing, a new series on what to expect on being a new dad and the trials/tribulations that come with it. 


Seems like it was yesterday I was spending my life savings at a Las Vegas pool party and then along came those two pink lines……pregnancy…the 10 month pain in the ass. Especially for that of the average college frat star living out his late 20’s like a 5th year senior. 10 long months of really throwing a wrench into my plans to day drink…but with that said, a beautiful little girl emerged. One that looked less alien and more human as she entered this world. Vegas pool parties, although legendary, are not as high on the priority list as of now. Daddy just added another teammate to his home team. That team has work to do in order to go down as one of the greatest franchises of all time, and rest assured that is the goal. With life comes change, at each stage and even more enjoyable in its own way. Cheers to fatherhood see you there soon enough Office Jockeys! Two more days until the weekend! Bbr got to go change a poop diaper.