“There’s something happening here, and what it is ain’t exactly clear” And no i’m not talking about the absolute ditty bop hit from the Buffalo Springfield. But now that it’s stuck in your head all day, here’s a link to that majestic tune.

No, what i’m referring to is tinfoil time. Something that runs so deep you’re gonna need a back hoe to get to the bottom, but enough about your mother. Just 2 days ago reports started surfacing in regards to the Tennessee Titans personnel contracting the corona virus, first reaction, clearly this is not good. Fast forward a couple hours, the facility is being shut down and now people (me) are starting to panic. But Jonnor why do you care about the Tennessee Titans you ask? Because my beloved Pittsburgh Steelers are scheduled to play them this week. Fast forward even more, and now the game has been cancelled and there are reports of it being playing Monday night, or even possibly Tuesday?


My take, this is Hogwash. Now obviously, I want everyone involved to be safe and I don’t want any more exposure to the risk than is necessary, but from the reports that have came out, it was a handful of personnel that contract the virus and maybe 1 player? So why are we not playing ball? Even if it was a couple players, test the rest to make sure they are clean and play on. Everyone knew the risk heading into the season, so as long as it’s under control, teams should still have to play with any players they have left. That’s the whole reason they increased the roster sizes. 


So that got me thinking, why would they not play and who does that benefit? It sure would appear that the Tennessee Titans and possibly the rest of the NFL are scared of the Steelers, and rightfully so. It just so happens that we have had our best start (3-0) in 7 years and things are starting to click on all levels. Now is this just a Titans thing? I hope so, but I fear it goes even higher up, possibly to the office of Roger Goodell. Everyone knows a good Steelers team is bad for business, because that means one thing, the Patriots can’t win if the Stee’s do. Now I’m not saying Roger is behind this entire diabolical plan, but I’m also not saying he isn’t. We leave no stone unturned in this investigation, until we get to the bottom of this and get to play football again. Welcome Back America and Go Damn Steelers!