2020 strikes once more and the burn is as intense as a fresh UTI. The Lifetime channel has decided to join the fun this year and by fun, I mean ruin life itself. Fresh off the fryer, Lifetime brings you it’s first KFC show picture. Instead of the old man with white hair, this COL has a twist. That twist is, he’s Mario f****ng Lopez who has absolutely zero resemble to the chicken lord. The question has to be asked? Why would Lifetime do this? Better yet, why would Mario Lopez agree to such madness? Have things been that glum since Saved by the Bell?

I for one, am all for this and can’t wait for this triple fried heart attack to hit the big screen come December 13th.

Mario Lopez is the man and Kentucky Frickin Chicken is vastly underrated.

Let your mind run amuck.

Imagine a movie about the origins of fried chicken. Now imagine COL Sanders in a movie except he’s Mario Lopez with a goatee that put’s a Billy goat to shame.

Now, imagine this movie isn’t a comedy, nay, it’s a love drama involving the COL and a secret lovers quarrel.

I’m glad to see Michael Bay is back to screen writing because this movie will have more explosions than Transformers.

Set your calendars because come December 13, the world will never be the same.



Written by Clarky