Another week, another drama infused episode of the Bachelor. Tears were shed, cat’s were fought and the modern day Jan from the Office (Victoria) was on full f***ng display.

Evidently I went to high school with this gal. Did some digging and shit, turns out we’re FB official friends! Newsome High prodigy!

Anyways, this is what she looked like back in the day. After doing some Blue’s Clues…. it appears she has dyed her hair since 2012. 

Moving on. 

This show is an absolute train wreck, yet, I find myself watching duel screens of Ohio state get pooped on and Victoria ruining everyone’s life.

Below are a few immediate reactions I had as I digested this new and foreign food that is the Bachelor. 


I’ll say it once and I’ll say it again, Tayshia and Claire got jipped. Look at this Bachelor Pad. Thing looks like something from an R Kelly music video minus all the pee pee. 

WOW and so did their contestants

There shouldn’t be this many sorority comments three mins into the episode. Fricking Tri Delt’s!

Lol they hate Abigail. Poor gal.

“She’s not very good at it” What a b*tch or as they say across the pond…c**t

Yes! The first I’m not here to make friends fight! The claws are out and the meow’s are in full blossom

Crashes ATV and his first thought Anytime I run into something dire, my mother is first on my mind.

Queen Victoria, there is an “O” in the word sorority. Learn the Greek Alphabet bitch. 

How many friggin girls are in this house.. they just keep multiplying like cockroaches

Victoria’s drama is too good. How is this only episode 2. Low key, everyone wants her to keep advancing. 

Can that black bra BE any trashier under the wedding dress? The answer is no. 

I love how everyone is just aiming for Queen Victoria. SHOTS TO THE NECK!

Victoria stop moving you are making me nervous. Reminds me of Ursula moving in on the little Mermaid. 

Bet ya feel bad about your plan to guilt trip him, huh Marilyn?

Excuse me, Queen Victoria, what the sweet frick are you wearing?

First he said she said of the season! Aghh the plot thickens!

Mike Fleiss loves a good medic situation to kick off a season

Wait, no one is getting kicked off? I haven’t seen a cliff hanger like this since Prison Break!

Talk about a way to avoid reality- fricking faint. 

Stay tuned for next week’s train wreck and my immediate thoughts. Below are some Memes as the young kids call them I made. enjoy. 

                    Written by Clarky