*A Weekly segment where Clarky weighs in on the full slate of NHL games and gives his daily picks to rob your bookie. Despite playing bottom tier whale shit Junior hockey, he sits at an astonishing 21 for 26 right now. Take a peak below for some free picks backed by absolutely zero analytics.

  1. Flyers/ Devils- 0 +6

Gritty and the red devils face off again after a highs scoring tilt by the Flyers this past Tuesday. I expect the Flyers to pull out another W while netting at least 4. The Devils should be able to keep pace with at least 2 of their own. Take the Over or if you’re feeling melancholy, snag the Flyers ML.

Pick: Flyers ML

2. PIt/ Boston- O 5 1/2

Pittsburg clawed their way to an OT 3-2 loss the other night. Both teams are not exactly displaying high powered offensives and until recent, Boston had not even scored an even strength goal. Don’t touch the over but I would stray away from the under as well. I really like Pitt to cover, like they did Tuesday.

Pick: Pitt +1 1/2 

3. Lightning/Cains: O 6

Oh baby, I am foaming at the mouth like a rabid dog on this over. Both teams can score and have the sex, love and magic on both ends of the ice.


4. FL/CBJ: O- 5 1/2

This one slammed the over Tuesday night in a shootout W for the Cats. I think tonight will be a slugfest with some solid goaltending on each end. I like the Jackets to pull out the W but Florida covering is the move here.

Pick: FL +1 1/2

5. Isles/WSH- O- 5 1/2 

I will try to keep my bias aside being I rock the red. Despite the likes of Ovie, Kuzy, Wilson and Orlov, the Caps took down the Isles 3-2, hitting the under. Both goalies are playing rock solid right now and the Isles will be out tonight looking to play Barry Trotz hockey. AKA clog the f****NG neutral zone with a bunch of 3rd liners and Barzal. It works. I think the Isles pull out the W but this one goes to OT. Expect a 3-2, 2-1 type game with the Caps covering.

Pick: Caps +1 1/2 or the Under. 


6. Cal/ MTL O- 6

MTL has been quite the surprise this year, leading the way along with the Leafs in the Canadian Division. Additions in the offseason appear to be paying dividends thus far. MTL is well rested tonight and Calgary is coming off a close loss to the Leafs. Take the over is this one and expect a ML win from the Canadians.

Pick: MTL- ML


7. Rangers/Buffalo- O 6

I hate every part about this game. Both teams are inconsistent. One game they slam the over and the next is a slug fest. I’m not touching this game with a 10 foot pole but if you must, take Rangers to cover

Pick: Over


8. Kings/ Wild O 5 1/2

LA has been playing pretty decent hockey and the Wild have been a nice surprise. I like the Wild ML but don’t be shocked if this one hits a low over. Play it smart and take the Wild ML

Pick: Wild ML


9. Wings/Stars O 5 1/2

I am done betting against Detroit, they are so damn frustrating as they are supposed to be like the New York Jets but take Dallas to a 2-1 OT loss. Stay away from the over and take the Stars in the ML

Pick: Stars ML


10 Ducks/Yotes: O 5 1/2

Gibson has played out of his mind like a rabid puppy trying to hump a doorknob. I absolutely hate betting on two very bad teams so I strongly advise to stay away from this at all cost.

Pick: Ducks +1 1/2 


11. Sharks/ Avalanche O 6

It seems like every game the Av’s are off, they come back with a 6-7 goal rebound. This game ripped the butthole of the over wide open and I expect the same tonight as the Sharks are a very underrated team with horrific goaltending. SLAM IT BABY!

Pick: OVER!


12. Blues/Vegas O 6

Again, this is a toss up. Blues put the puck where mom hides the cookies last game and Vegas should rebound strongly. I expect this to hit the over but I am leaning on Vegas ML with some strong goaltending from either of their goalie tandem.

Pick: Vegas ML


13. Leafs/ EDM O 6 1/2 

The EDM game ripped the over last time but I wouldn’t expect it as a lock tonight. Last time these teams played it was a snail fest. I think the stars take over the game tonight and the over is the most likely bet but I am probably staying away from this game.

Pick: Over


14. VAN/ OTW – O 6 1/2 

Otw is looking like the team we expected… young, ugly, dumb and making mistakes much like my entire 5 years of college. Vancouver is on a roll here after starting off slow. Last night I took the ML, – 1 1/2 with Vancouver and I am running it back tonight. That Swedish delight in Elias is sick and I expect him to be in full force along with company tonight.

Pick: VAN – 1 1/2


Stay tuned for next week’s locks!