A Weekly segment where Clarky weighs in on the full slate of NHL games and gives his daily picks to rob your bookie. Despite playing bottom tier whale shit Junior hockey, he sits at an astonishing 33 for 40 right now. Take a peak below for some free picks backed by absolutely zero analytics.

Did you tail me yesterday? Hope you took PL TBL and Over on the PHI/BOS game.

This Full TILt Thursday we got 9 mouth watering slates just ready to burst like no nut November. Full picks below!


  1. WSH/ NY- Over 6

The Caps lost their first regulation loss Monday night like a bunch of red belly losers by blowing a 3 goal lead and not covering. Thus causing my Parlay which was perfecto,  crumbled like the city of f**ng Troy. That being said, bet BIG on the Caps tonight. Kuzy should be back, Ovie will look to rebound and Cap’s need a W to stay in the mix for the top seed.  Expect a 4-1 type victory. Stay away from the over.

Pick: Caps ML

2. NSH/FL- Over 5 1/2

Nashville is the most bizarre, under performing piles of trash I have watched since any Nicolas Cage film after 2010. They have one of the stoutest blue lines since the 2003 Devils. Duchene and company are no slouch on offense, yet, I find myself falling asleep by the second period due to their lack luster performance. Florida, on the other hand has been pretty exciting so far. I am not willing to bet on either one of these teams but I like this game to be close. Take NSH to cover + 1 1/2

Pick: NSH + 1 1/2


3. DAL/CBJ- Over 5 1/2

Two nights past, the over was at 5 and anytime you see a juicy worm that plump, you put it on the hook and hope it bites… and bite she did. Sure, we need to hit 6 tonight but again, the Stars are finding ways to get it done offensively and look for Laine to net his first of many for CBJ. Again, take the over but if you see some more lucrative games, maybe keep this off your parlay

Pick: Over


4. OTW/MTL- Over 6 1/2

Is it 2010 again? Are the HABS good once more? I don’t know if the Canadian division is just that bad or if Montreal is the real deal but I will tell you what, I am not betting against them. Now, the over does look enticing but we must remember, OTW blows more than a men’s rest stop in the 1980’s. Bare in mind, EDM won 4-2 against OWT the other night and the over still missed. The over has a large payout but I am going to play it safe with MTL ML as I expect the best goaltender in the world (Carey Price) to keep OTW at bay. Matter of fact, take the PL

Pick: PL MTL


5. VAN/ TOR Over 6 1/2

I just don’t know about this one. I would like to think Toronto ML but if Vancouver wants to stay alive in the division, they need a W. One thing is for sure, anytime the nucks are playing, fade the f****ng under as this team has more holes defensively than the Iraqi Navy. If the over was at 6, this is the play. However, one of these games VAN is going to have to discover some sort of goaltending and I like the Nucks to cover tonight. Any VAN game has a high probability of slamming the over but I think they need to at least pull out a point tonight to stay in the mix.

Pick: VAN + 1 1/2


6. Car/CHI- Over 6

6 goals…… I don’t love it. last game needed OT to hit the over. I’d look to see the Canes clean it up defensively. Look for the Canes to win the ML tonight.

Pick: Canes ML


7. ARI/STL Over 5 1/2

Again, not one I love but if I am betting on this, I’m taking ARZ to cover like they did Tuesday.

Pick: ARZ + 1 1/2


8. CAL/WPG- Over 6

I have no idea what to make of either of these two underperforming teams. The Jets have one of the deepest center pools in the NHL with fantastic goaltending and the Flames are offensively loaded. Yet, both teams are as unpredictable as COVID 19 numbers. Last two games have slammed the overs. My gambling gene tells me to slam the over once more but today, I like the Jets to cover.

Pick: Jets + 1 1/2



9. MIN/COL- Over 5 1/2 

The AVS are missing arguably the best player in the NHL right now along with some other key pieces. They are still extremely deep top to bottom, so they present a threat every night despite missing the fire power. The Wild are a pretty exciting team this year which is astonishing as they have been stricken in mediocracy for the past decade. I like the Wild to cover tonight and not lose by 2, Similar to Tuesday. Take the safe pick on a pretty unpredictable game that could go either way. If you’re feeling real freaky naughty… take the Wild ML as they pull this one out!

Pick: Wild +1 1/2