The weekend is almost here and what better way to relieve the stresses of the work week than crushing some beers during happy hour. You worked hard for that paycheck though, so don’t burn through it by drinking some discounted light beer. Spend your hard earned money on some of these beers that have earned the title as the “most expensive” in the world.

Cheers to the Weekend!

5. Westvleteren 12

Some Monks are known for their Kung Fu and Superhuman strength. Others, for their vow of silence and a life of celibacy. The Belgian Monks of the Westvleteren Brewery, however, are known for their incredible talents in brewing delicious beer. That is clearly reflected in their Trappist beer with a dark amber color and notes of caramel, chocolate, and raisins. To keep the sale price from soaring out of control, they only allow sales through their website, but that hasn’t stopped resale prices surging upwards of $1,000 per crate.

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4. Sapporo Space Barley

Looking for a beer that’s out of this world? The Sapporo Space Barley may not have been gifted to us by our extraterrestrial neighbors, but it was brewed using barley from grain that spent 5 months on the International Space Station’s Zvezda Service Module. The rarity of the ingredients gave this limited release brew an initial price of $100, but resale value has risen dramatically since.

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3. Sam Adams Utopias

Sam Adams has a beer for every season, but their Utopias blend is one for the ages. In a process that has aged this batch of beer for over 24 years, this brew has an ABV of 28%, which makes it illegal in some states. If you happen to live in a state where this isn’t banned, then you can purchase for a price of $210 per 25.4 oz bottle.

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2. Brew Dog The End of History

This Scottish Breweries collector’s beer is by far the most unique and borderline insane brew I’ve ever seen. Each beer has an ABV of 55% and each bottle is stuffed into a taxidermy hare or squirrel. Originally, the brewery released this beer for over $700 per bottle, but it was then re-released in 2016 for an insane $20,000 per bottle as part of their efforts to raise money to open a brewery in Ohio.

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1. Allsopp’s Arctic Ale

If you’re the nostalgic type and looking to spend through all your paychecks, then you’ll want to buy the Allsopp’s Arctic Ale. This beer was originally brewed in 1852 for an expedition to the Arctic led by Sir Edward Belcher. At this point, it can’t taste good, but the bragging rights should be enough to make it worth. Not interested in drinking this ale, then make it your next investment. When you relist it though, don’t make the same mistake the previous owner made when he listed in on Ebay as “Allsop’s” (missing the second S). Since he listed incorrectly, most people couldn’t find it. One lucky shopper bought it for $304, immediately reposted it with the correct spelling, and sold it for a whopping $500,000.

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