After Monday’s humiliating 6-0 loss to my beloved Capitals, one can only ponder the current state of Buffalo fans. Sure, they have had odes of joy this year with the emergence of Josh Allen and the Bills winning a playoff game. However, what was supposed to be a turning point in the franchise and a promising year has eloped into an absolute pile of shit. There is no polite way to put it, the Sabres are going nowhere fast.

Being a Cap’s fan, I’ve wallowed in the shallowest pits of sorrow pretty much until 2018. Be that as it may, I don’t know if I have ever fathomed what the fans of the Sabres are going through. To call it a dumpster fire wouldn’t do any poetic justice. As they sit in the basement of the NHL, you could argue, ” The Senators and Redwings are not any better.” Very astounding observation. However, both of those teams are in the beginning stages of a complete rebuild. The Sabres? Well, they are kind of in a win now mode which is purely gross and you should be sick to your f***ng guts if you have the audacity to root for this team.

Jack Eichel: 10 Mil  

Jeff Skinner- 9 Mil   

Taylor Hall- 8 Mil

Kyle Okposo- 6 Mil

Sam Reinhart- 5.2 Mil

Add in Taylor Hall has 2 goals and the Okposo contract is up there with Loui Erickson, The Sabres are far from a rebuild.

It’s not just the play on the ice, it’s the organization and they way it’s run. Very similar to the New York Jets, they’re just born to lose.

This is a team whose management missed the deadline to submit their alternative jersey this year to use….. They are the only team without a retro this year. You know how much f***ng money they are losing out on? I could give a shit about the Sabres, yet, I feel absolute morose for it’s fans and the gong show this franchise has put them through. When was the last time the Sabers even sniffed the post season? 2011. Last time they won a series? 2007!? The f***ng Thrashers have won a series in more recent years and they have not been in the league since 2011.

So what to do? There’s rumors the prince that was promised (Jack Eichel) wants out of Buffalo? I’m not even sure the lord himself knows how to fix this but a complete overhaul is needed to salvage this franchises fan base before they turn buffalo into Gotham city and storm the black gates like Bane.

*Updated- Sabers lost to New Jersey in regulation last night… PAIN