Welcome back to another segment of Clarky’s covers. Apologies on the delay, I went off the rails a few weeks back and needed a month away to lick my wounds. After last weeks winnings, your boy is back! It’s a beautiful Tuesday and it’s going to be a full tilt today baby. Last week was an array of gruesome Unders, which means the overs are back tonight!

  1. Lightning/ Stars- Over 5 1/2 

The Stars have been inconsistent as they come, it’s either feast or famine with them. The goaltending has been very loose butthole as of late, so take advantage of the Lightning ML and team total for 3 + ½ if you’re feeling like Daddy War-bucks

This game has a better chance of surpassing 5.5 goals but it’s tough to count on Dallas to produce at least 2.

Safe Bet: TBL ML

Gambling Pick: Lightning 3 + ½ or the Over



  1. Panthers/ Black Hawks- Over 6

The Panthers, most of the time, are going to push the over and usually do not have a problem covering. Normally, I would slam this juicy treat, especially if this drops to 5.5. However, the Hawks as of late are scaring the shit out of me. 8 goals in their last 4 games and are on a skid

The Panthers on the other hand are firing the f**ng biscuit. Even against NSH they only had two goals but peppered 52 shots. I love the odds there. Safe bet is the ML Florida but we’re here to gamble and look for the Hawks to bounce back and grab that over at 6.

Safe bet: FL ML

Gambling Pick: Over


  1. Devils/ Flyers- Over 6

The Devils were 3-0 against the under last week and that trend continues tonight. I absolutely hate unders but I have lost too much sleep on betting overs on the damn Devils. My advice,  live bet this puppy at the end of the first and pray it’s 0-0 and snag the over at 3.5.  Stay away from this game.

Safe bet: Under 6

Gambling pick: Live bet the over at the end of the first (0-0) or slam the under at the end of the first if there is 2+ goals.


  1. Wings/ Preds over 5.5

Rule #1 of gambling, don’t bet on a bad team and tonight, we have two horrible teams. The Pred’s once and a while can show some resurgence of what they once were two years ago and the Wings are notorious for f***ng with the ML. This game could be 6-4 or 1-0. This is going to be a live bet type game or if you are feeling juicy, the Wings ML looks pretty tasty.

Safe Bet: staying away from this game but live bet( same as above)

Gambling Bet: Wings ML


  1. Avalanche/ Yotes- over 5.5

Last night, the Av’s mopped the floor with the yotes, 5-1. The Av’s are lighting it up much like what we expected to see at the first half of the year. They appear to be coming into form at the right time of the season. The yotes are a very inconsistent team who relies on defensive play and strong goaltending with no real game changing players on offense. I have zero faith in the Yotes to produce more than 1-2 goals, so the over is looking grim. Then again, the Av’s can single handily hit an over. It’s tough to beat a team two nights in a row but stick with the ML on the Avs and a tighter game overall.

Safe pick: ML AV’s

Gambling Pick: Av’s PL