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Scratch Offs

Week after week, Galler and Double Down Daddy give you the best tips to bet all your money on the week’s football matchups. Maybe you win some money, maybe you don’t. It’s the fun of the game right? I too have fallen trap to these thrills, but I […]

Nicolas Cage: Uncaged

Once upon a time, two words carried some serious weight: Nicolas Cage.Now a days, that forgotten prominent name is just a gust in the wind. What the hell happened to Nicolas cage? Where did he steer wrong? Was it the Wickerman?Next? The sorcerers apprentice? To be honest, I think […]

An Ode to the Airport Bar

You want to know one thing I love about flying? The airport. You may be thinking, what the hell are you talking about? Long lines, security checks that may as well be colonoscopy’s, not to mention layovers!? Sure, all that shit sucks but you know what doesn’t suck? […]