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An Ode to the Airport Bar

You want to know one thing I love about flying? The airport. You may be thinking, what the hell are you talking about? Long lines, security checks that may as well be colonoscopy’s, not to mention layovers!? Sure, all that shit sucks but you know what doesn’t suck? […]


The Fight Against the Man I’m undefeated. That’s right, your boi remains a winner in my recent fight against the court of law. A wise man once said “good people do get arrested” and I don’t believe truer words have ever been spoken. While I did not get […]

Quit the Diet. Fat is in!

Ever since the beginning of time, the hard bod, chiseled abs and having biceps larger than the spread of HIV in the 80’s has been the popular choice amongst the lady folk.  Due to MTV and Ryan Gossling, this has become the female’s eye candy. What society calls the six-pack. Men […]