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The Friday Fire

It was just another tedious day at the cubicle, doing what I do best; getting aggressively shouted at by discontented clients. That is the hell that comes with working in customer service each and every day. Each night before I take my siesta, my mind becomes bull-rushed with […]

Game Day Series: Philly Cheesesteaks

Philadelphia is widely considered the birthplace to many of this nation’s greatest creations including but not limited to American Independence and Democracy, the first university (therefore college debt), and of course the Fresh Prince, Will Smith. But among all these, we at Office Jockeys favor one creation over […]

Night Light

I sleep with a night light.  As a grown man, I shouldn’t have to, but due to recent events, sleeping with a night light has become a necessity.  When I say “recent events”, I mean an occurrence so frightening that I may forever be traumatized.   The other […]